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Hi friends. πŸ™‚

I’m barely scraping by to make it into this Friday link up party of Instagrams, huh?? πŸ™‚ Yeah, I know.  At least it’s Friday still.  (Well, maybe not technically by the time I post this, but at the time I’m writing it! ;))

Anyway…We’ve had a fun week of daddy finishing up his first term of the nursing program (which was on Monday) and then taking a few days off to just enjoy being a family.  Which included a trip to Portland for shopping at Ikea and the Cascade Station and a trip to Lincoln City and Newport.  Oh yeah, and to a farm in Scio to pick up some organic chicken and bacon…(which led us to a conversation with the owner who wants to retire and sell his property in the next 5-9 years and wants to sell to a young couple interested in organic farming.  Enter us!  We would LOVE that.  So, we’ll revisit that idea again when Skyler is done with school in a couple years.)  Unfortunately, it was almost dark when we got there, so I didn’t get any pictures of the beautiful farm.

On to the Instagrams (and other iphone pictures!):

I can’t believe kids can fall asleep like this!  I had the hardest time not laughing when I went in to check on him.  And of course, the good mom I am, I had to take a picture before I layed him down. πŸ™‚
Cutest wool peacoat on the cutest boy!
Dinner at Ikea.  Daddy loves the meatballs.  Shocking, if you know how into nutrition this guy is! (Oh, and pay no attention to that chocolate cake… *ahem*)
Had to park in the middle to make it a red Prius party!
What hippies.  Prius’ parked in the REI parking lot, next to Whole Foods. πŸ™‚
A stop at La Roca Mexican in Lincoln City to get daddy’s favorite “baby” 7 lb burrito.
Zeeky checking out the sea lions in Newport.

Sea Lions!

Walking down to the docks.
Poor baby got sick (we think from La Roca) and puked 3 times. πŸ™
 Sunset at Otter Rock.

 Cool beach fire pic!
I love this pic of Skyler!  My rugged man builds awesome fires.
Zeek relaxing on Daddy as we ate our grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup!

Zeek passed out in the lean-to on the beach.  Daddy was quick to follow suit.  Mommy sat and Facebook-ed in silence and boredom… πŸ™‚  (However, the fire and waves crashing were quite nice!)
Ezekiel may or may not have gotten to “test ride” his Christmas present early.  An adorable little chair from Cabela’s – picked out by daddy, all on his own!
(But do not fear, it has been confiscated for wrapping already!)

This is the video that daddy received in response to his “How’s Zeeky doing?” text today…  πŸ™‚

So pitiful when he cries. πŸ™‚

Hope you all have had a lovely week!

Love, K

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