I Don’t Do Creepy Traditions.

Have you all heard of the “Elf on the Shelf” by now??  I sort-of heard of it last year, but then this year it exploded and it’s all over.  I asked my mom if she knew about it, if it was some old tradition that I was just now hearing about.  She hadn’t heard of it either – so I’m thinking it’s a new tradition??

ANYWAY, this elf is supposed to sit somewhere around your house all day and you’re supposed to tell your kids that this elf is watching their every move and then flies back to the North Pole each night to report to Santa how they have been.  The elf flies back and perches somewhere new each morning before the kids awake.

…. Is this creepy only to me?  Perhaps it stems from my childhood fear that the porcelain doll that my grandma gave me was going to come to life at night and hurt me.  That doll remained in the hallway for a few years with a small blanket thrown over top of her, and I slept (even in the 90 degree nights) with my thick comforter curled up tightly around my neck for fear that that stupid little doll was going to come to life and crawl into my bedroom.

So, not at all surprising, I don’t like the idea of dolls coming to life.  So, no Corporate America.  I will not be buying this creepy little doll to sit on my shelf, to “scare” my kid(s) into being good so that Santa is given a good report every night.  I don’t do creepy traditions.

One more reason that I will be teaching my kid(s) that Santa isn’t real…

Love, K

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