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Not a lot happened, but regardless here’s an Instagram look at our past week:

 Yep, one more trip to Ikea.  Poor kid thinks it’s his second home.

Skyler made dinner: egg, bacon and cheese sandwich.  YUM!

Funny kid!  I found him here playing.  I think he’s gonna really get a kick out of forts!

 Opened my big box of dishes and let the kiddo play!

This is how Zeek’s been sleeping lately.  He’ll squirm in his sleep until he ends up flopping awkwardly on top of me.  As long as he’s comfortable, I guess…

Poor baby got another bout of the 24 hour bug.  He puked 4 times in an hour and looked completely miserable for that hour.  He sat quietly on my lap and just layed his head against my shoulder.  He fell asleep for about an hour, and then…

Woke up much better and ready to crawl around and play again!  So glad he got over it quickly.  Sick baby makes mama’s heart hurt!
And, this is how Ezekiel enjoys bath-time at our house:
Hope you’ve all had a great {and healthy} week!

Love, K

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