Mr. Crafty

I don’t know if I’ve told you before, but I married Mr. Crafty.  (Though, he’d probably hate the fact that I just called him that.).

Did I ever mention how creative my husband is?  Did I ever tell you he is incredible at pottery?  (At throwing on the wheel and hand building.  Yeah.  All of it.  He’s awesome.).

Last year, for one of his pottery classes, he spent exactly 24 hours straight (as in, NO sleeping, NO breaks, working around the clock) to get a few projects done before they were due.  He could have quit after a few hours because they looked “done”, but he is a perfectionist and wanted them to be absolutely perfect. 

Such focus. πŸ™‚

This is my absolute favorite that he’s made:

Look at the detail!

I love it.  And I love that I married Mr. Crafty, and he has understanding and patience for my crafting (and the mess it makes.  And the messy house that gets neglected when I’m crafting…). 

Not only is he crafty himself, but he also is my “background” man on a lot of my projects and tasks around the house.  He does so many things for me!

He hangs things:

He paints things:

He is my photographer:

He does things that I don’t want to spend the time doing (like whittling the bottom of each candle so it stayed in the candelabra):

And my favorite thing that he does:

He’s the most fun and loving daddy that Ezekiel could ever have!
How’d I get so lucky?
Love, K

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