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Insta-Friday’s keep me in a reality check with how fast weeks do pass by.
 Here’s our week:
 We took Zeek to the “Keizer Lights” and enjoyed a nice evening stroll looking at all the lights.
 One house even had a pony out front!

Zeek is great at entertaining himself!  
We had to pass about 45 min in the car, waiting for daddy!

 Claim Jumper for dinner – even baby was ecstatic!
 He learned a new trick at dinner – laying his head down on the table.  
It was so sweet!
 Then daddy would mimic him and Zeek would bust up laughing.

I think Zeek discovered what humor really is this week.
At night, I usually nurse him to sleep about 8:30 and put him in his crib.  He will wake up then around 11 or so and I usually get him, nurse him to sleep again and put him back to bed in about 15 min. time.  One night this week during the second nursing, he suddenly stopped nursing and with his eyes closed, he put his hand on me and laid his head on his hand.  I thought, “boy, that was quick!” and looked down at him.  With eyes still closed, he slowly cracked a closed mouth smile and then his eyes flew wide open and he grinned at me.  I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it, so I tried to stifle a giggle and started nursing him back to sleep again.  Five minutes later, he did the exact same thing.  Head down on his hand, s.l.o.w smile, then sudden wide eyes and grin.  And then he started giggle.  I lost it.  He knew how he usually falls asleep and he was “pretending” to fall asleep as a joke.  It was the funniest thing and he knew it was funny.   I took him into our bedroom where Skyler was and told him what Zeek just did and we all busted up laughing.  Zeek had a second wind and was just cracking us up with his antics!  He has found what it is to be funny and find humor in others too. πŸ™‚
We had our first Christmas celebration with Skyler’s side of the extended family this last Sunday.
Zeek loved playing with Skyler’s two cousins!

Saw this while shopping… I love that it’s not labeled as the item, it’s labeled as just a “Christmas Impulse” item… At least they know their audience.

Also saw this.  Couldn’t help but think double negative.  
Might not be the most effective marketing.

“Dad, this is how you get to Narnia!”

Watching Mr. Bean and laughing at all the right parts!  I love my kid. πŸ™‚

Two days till Christmas!!!

Zeek, completely mesmerized by The Sound of Music.  Now I know this kid is mine!
Merry Christmas to you all. πŸ™‚
Love, K

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