Pinterest Challenge: Monogrammed Skewers

Christmas is over, which means I can officially show you my DIY/Pinterest Challenge projects that I gifted this year!

First up: monogrammed cooking skewers!  I had first spied these on one of my favorite blogs {Design*Sponge} a while ago.  I saw it and thought it would be perfect for my dad.  The man who is hard to shop for.  He and mom go camping several times a summer, so I thought these would be perfect for him!

I should have picked up these skewers at Winco this summer, because they always sell them for around $2.50 (we bought the same ones from there for our wedding for roasting marshmallows around the fire.  We still have them and use them, so I knew I wanted to buy this particular kind instead of the kind featured on the blog where they retract.).

I found them online at a few places but the easiest and cheapest for me to get them was from Wholesale Sports here in town.  I think they were $3.49 there, so 4 of them cost me almost $14.  (Coghlan’s Camp Fork – found here on Amazon)

I already had the wood burner (though this was my first project using it on…but I forgot how fun wood burning was!  You may or may not see more projects with the wood burner in the near future. ;)).

On Design*Sponge, they did one fork for each family member and so they did different initials.  I decided to do all four of them with M for Miller for my dad.  I played around with the fonts until I found one I liked and then printed four of them in 3 different sizes (because I wasn’t sure which size would work best).

Taped the letters on the wood handles where we wanted them…

 And went to town burning! πŸ™‚

 Aren’t they purdy?  I love the way they turned out.

I wanted to use fabric that I had on hand, so I grabbed the most “picnic-y” canvas material that I had on hand.  I wish I had a little more of the fabric, because I didn’t have enough of it to make a carrying sack quite like Design*Sponge.  This is what I ended up with:

 I made little pockets for the fork part to go into, so it couldn’t come sliding out and poke people.

 Since I didn’t have enough fabric to make a pocket at the bottom for the sticks, I used elastic to help hold them in place.  I laid two forks one direction and the other two the other direction.  I was thinking it would roll up nicer that way to have the bulkiness more evenly distributed because I was thinking of storing them laying flat.  In hindsight, Dad said he would’ve preferred the forks all facing the same way so that he could stand it up on end and none of them would slip out.

I sewed some left over cord from an apron I made for Skyler’s pottery class, and sewed it in the middle of the carrying case so that I could wrap around and velcro it closed like this:

All in all, because I had everything else on hand, this cost me just $14 (the cost of the forks).

This is literally all of the fabric scraps that I had left over! Told you I used all the fabric that I had!

I love how this project turned and I think I’ll be making it for my own family sooner than later. πŸ™‚

Happy cooking, dad!

Love, K

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