I Have No Idea.

How is it possible that it’s January again?  Three weeks shy of a year since Ezekiel’s birth?  Six months since I ran out of letters for Ezekiel’s alphabet?  One whole year of loving my sweet baby.  Who is all too quickly becoming “little boy” and not baby. 

I have no idea.  But somehow it is.  I fully realized it tonight as I laid him in his crib and saw how big he looks laying in there.

How tiny his jammies look, compared to here:

(5 Months, hanging out with his buddy Cyrus)
It really started hitting me when I began putting ideas together for a birthday party a couple weeks ago.   
I’m planning my son’s first birthday party.  
Woah, what?  Weird. 
It’s a bittersweet feeling, but I am very excited to celebrate the birth of the most amazing little dude to ever come into my life.   We decided to keep it a small “low-key” birthday party at home with just family and a very few friends.   But I wouldn’t be me without still planning and making it the most adorable thing that I can possibly muster up (in three weeks time).   So I’ve got some idea’s, largely in thanks to Pinterest.  

I threw around a few party themes to Skyler.

Circus themed?!

Super cute.  But his birthday is January.  This would be much more ideal for a summer birthday.  Maybe if we have a summer birth day kid some day…. idea logged away for later.

Lego birthday party?

Love all the ideas around Pinterest for it…but maybe better when he’s older.  Logging away for later…
And then.  I came across the most perfect theme.  And even better: Skyler agreed that it was perfect.
I saw this party theme from Pottery Barn: 

Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar… Yep, sold. 

I’ve got my work cut out for me though.  There are way too many cute ideas on Pinterest for the Hungry Caterpillar.  I need to narrow it down to the few that I really like!

I even found a Hungry Caterpillar shirt for Zeek at Target tonight.  On clearance.  Yep, Jesus loves me. 🙂  And Ezekiel will have an adorable birthday.  {I hope.}

In about 3 weeks, you should be seeing some really cute pictures on here. 😉 Stay tuned. 

Love, K

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