I have a new favorite.  It’s called Curbly.  I stumbled upon it because I pinned a project on pinterest and the link came from Curbly.  I started scrolling up and down the page and checked out some of the other highlighted projects.  And I was hooked.  Hooked, ya’ll.

I think I’m on about day 8 of scrolling through the previous posts.  I’m on page 79.  I have no idea how far it goes back, but I just keep going.  And I keep “pinning”.  They have some seriously amazing projects on there!

Like this outdoor fireplace:

Source: via Kayla on Pinterest

These outdoor pallet lounge chairs:

Source: via Kayla on Pinterest

This super cool wine cork bath mat (which I have a whole bag of corks waiting to be used!):

Source: via Kayla on Pinterest

These adorable display jars:

These mini Polaroid picture magnets:

Source: via Kayla on Pinterest

And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.
Seriously.  Go check it out.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to make something new. 🙂

You’re welcome.


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