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Well, I completely missed last week’s Insta-Friday link up and I realized I haven’t been using my Instagram app very often…even though it’s just about the easiest way to document life through pictures, because I always have my iphone nearby…

So I’m going to try to get better at taking more pictures.  🙂

Here’s our last week-ish in Instagrams!

My breakfast.  Skyler was getting mad at me for not making time to make myself eggs.  So I took a picture to prove a point. 😉

Zeek stayed PUT for 45 minutes while we watched Milo and Otis.  Kid LOVED the movie.  
Who knew a cat and dog movie, narrated by one man, could be so fascinating?! (J/K, I knew! This was one of my own fave movies when I was little. :))

 The last time wearing my favorite jammies.  Too small. 🙁
Big boy took a poop in the potty this week!  Twice! 
Vanilla Zoi Greek Yogurt, Pineapples and POM Pomegranate juice.  Sounds weird, I know…Skyler gagged when he saw what I was doing…but seriously good. 

 Found a lady bug on my lampshade!  I have never found a lady bug in my house before!  It made me smile and remember my grandma.  She always had TONS of lady bugs on her big window in her living room.  She’d go along the window and scoop them into a tupperware and then set them free outside. 🙂

Enjoying my Snowglobe Village on last night before taking them down… 

Real men play with boats!

After!  Much better. 🙂
And, my boy learned how to throw.  Makes me laugh every time.  
He throws straight down, super fast and super strong. 
I haven’t caught it on film real well yet…this is as good as it gets.

And, Grandma M bought Zeek a fun toy for Christmas… Not sure what Zeek thinks of it though. 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a great week!

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