Home Goals 2012!

Over at The Nesting Place, The Nester is hosting a “Home Goals” linking party and I decided that if I joined and confessed all my “to-do’s” to all my lovely readers, that maybe I’d be held a little more accountable to actually getting them done!

Of course, a lot of what The Nester talks about is actual house renovations and remodels.  Since we are renters and my in-laws completely gutted and remodeled this house back in April when we moved in, there isn’t anything like that on my to do list.  Just a LOT of little things that I haven’t done yet to finish making the house into home!  I’m mainly focusing on the living room and kitchen for now.  The office is done, the master is basically done, and Zeek’s room will be a complete re-do in the next couple months hopefully…but I’m not going to be touching that list on this post!  😉

So, here are my “to-do’s”:

Windwo?  Whoops 🙂

Don’t hate me for painting it!  It’s really not in great shape and needs something done!  
Plus, the wood look is just a bit too formal for me…

Nope, not re-painting it…I’ve got some different ideas for this bookshelf! 
ANY thing.  For reals.
Oh yeah.  And those little metal planters in my window sill?  Plant herbs.
There you have it… Nothing huge, major or hard… Just lots of little things {and a couple slightly bigger things (painting!)}.  I’m excited to get some of these things checked off of my list!  Unfortunately, they won’t be getting crossed of (well, maybe a couple TINY ones, like moving the mirror), until February at the earliest, because January is devoted to planning my son’s birthday party!
This summer, we’ll also have a few fun outside projects which I am excited to work on! 
What kinds of goals/projects do you have in mind for this year?  Wanna join in on the party?  (Go here and then show all of us your goals!) 🙂
Here’s to a productive year!


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