Master Bedroom – New Headboard

Our bed was a beautiful headboard/foot board that has been in my family for a few generations (my great uncle Ben’s, my grandparent’s, and then mine) and was really special to me because I used to always stay the night with my grandparent’s on their farm and this bed was in their guest room.  Even though it was only a full sized bed, it felt HUGE to an 8 year old girl.  I always felt like a princess when I slept in it.  I have very fond memories of my grandma reading me my favorite book (Steven and the Sea Turtles) in that bed. 🙂  I was very thankful when my grandparents gave it to me when they moved from their farmhouse about 5 or 6 years ago. 

It was in a little bit of rough shape though, and so before Skyler and I got married, my dad and Skyler spent hours working on that bed frame.  They sanded and sanded, and talked and bonded, and sanded some more.  The end result was beautiful.  I LOVED how it turned out, and it made something special to me, even more special since two of my favorite men had spent so many hours laboring on it.

This was the only pic I could find of the process!  Skyler, dad and my cute niece and nephew slaving away in the hot July sun! 

Here it is in our little home at the last place we lived.  You can’t see the actual headboard/foot board too well…but you get the idea.  Just imagine a beautiful stain job. 🙂

Once we moved into our new house in April, we went from a teeny tiny bedroom to a huge bedroom. 
And our little full sized bed looked even tinier.  So, we decided we’d get ourselves a new big bed.  (Especially since we share the bed with the little one!)

(And NO, we didn’t get rid of our other special bed!  We’re saving it for when we have a bigger house some day and can put it in the guest room. :))

So, we bought ourselves a very nice king sized bed, which even after a Groupon and a sale at Mor Furniture…it was still about $1400 for the mattress, box spring and frame (but should have been about $2400!).  A little pricey for sure, but definitely worth the amazing night’s sleep that we get in it!  It is an extremely comfortable bed! 

With it being expensive, I really didn’t desire to spend a fortune on a really nice headboard/foot board to go with it.  I wanted something on the wall to represent a headboard, but wasn’t sure what exactly.  I found a few ideas on Pinterest that we had considered:

An old door:

Another old door:


And I even bought the material’s to make this one..

But, with Skyler in nursing school this year, (and coming up with this idea in September), I realized that he probably wouldn’t have much time to make something like that at this point in time.  So I decided I needed another quick and easy solution that could take care of my desire for a headboard and still be practical for how much time Skyler would need to invest to help me.

I really didn’t have any terrific idea, until I was browsing in the Habitat for Humanity store in town and came across two windows, 36″ each or 72″ total – which is the exact width of our bed.  Even better, they were only $10 each, which is one of the best prices I’ve seen for old windows.  I was pleased as could be and had the nice gentleman working help me load them in the car.  🙂

This was all only a couple weeks after Skyler and I had gone to the building barn to buy all of our wood and supplies for the above headboard, so I wasn’t really sure how Skyler would react to my impulse buy.  Turns out, he was thrilled because he wasn’t sure when he would have the chance to build the other one with school starting.

And turns out, I love it. 🙂  We still have the other materials and maybe someday we’ll still build the other one…but for now, I like this one. 

We just added hardware on the back to make it hang very securely, cleaned the windows up and hung them!

I had Skyler hang up our chandelier that we have had over our bed since we got married.
This chandelier was hanging in a special place at our wedding. 🙂

I also knew I wanted to add a little something else to each window.  For some reason, I had a test tube vial / flower hanging thing (great description, right?) in mind.  Unfortunately, no stores carried such thing and no employees had ever seen this descriptive thing that my mind had seen.  
So…I googled something along the lines of “test tube flower hanger” and found exactly what I wanted!!  I ordered 2 at $8 each and had Skyler screw them into the top of the window.

I’m not sure if those particular flowers are there to stay, but they’re there for now!

The rest of the bed came together at a pretty good price too.
Comforter: $47.99 Target Clearance
Green Sham’s: $6.99 each Target Clearance
Blue Pillow: $4.70  Kohl’s Clearance

I love that our new bedroom is finally coming together.  A few more final touches and then I’m backing away.  🙂  (For now.)  Next up, Zeek’s room.  Looking forward to tackling that soon.  It’s sat as a boring nothingness since we’ve moved in 9 months ago.

Love, K

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