Pinterest Challenge: Wallpaper Bookshelf

As a lover of Shabby Chic, distressed white furniture, and clean, pure and simple decor, I have a lot of white furniture and decor in my house (especially my living room).  While I love the look, it also can be a little boring to be all white.  I wanted to make little subtle changes to make the whiteness of everything be toned down just a hair.

In my Home Goals 2012, I showed you this picture, saying I wanted to do something to the bookcase, besides just clean up the junk:

A few months ago, I had come across this project on Pinterest, showing a bookcase that had it’s insides covered with wallpaper:

Source: via Kayla on Pinterest

I loved the look and idea of it, but maybe with something a little less bold…  So, when I came across a whole roll of brand new white with black pinstriped wallpaper in a thrift store for a buck, I knew it was my answer.

This was about one of the easiest and quickest projects I did.  Instead of actually adhering the wallpaper, I just used double sided tape all around the edgesso that I can remove it or change it someday down the road.

Just cut your wallpaper to size (I used my rotary cutter to get a perfectly straight edge) and tape it in!  I also opted to just do the back of the bookcase and not the whole thing.

This is right in our entryway, so we store our keys, wallets, sunglasses, etc in those baskets. πŸ™‚

Since this is just around the corner from the kitchen, it’s a nice shelf to store all my cookbooks on. πŸ™‚  Including my special antique cookbook on the top shelf that my Grandma gave me before she passed away nearly 10 years ago.

I like the subtle change and that it helps break up the total whiteness. 

What do you think?  Is it too subtle?

Love, K

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