I {Really} Loathe Laundry.

You may have read my “About Me” section and already have learned how much I hate laundry.  I {hate} it.  And it’s probably because of how much I do it.  I do at least 2 loads a day.  No joke.  No exaggeration.  Pure fact. 
I don’t want to know what laundry will look like when we have 6 kids.  
It’s not so much the doing laundry part that I hate, as it is the putting away laundry part.  
That part is the worst.  
On weekends, I try to relax, enjoy the fam and just do the bare essentials for the housekeeping (putting away dishes, making the beds, tidying up).  Which means come Monday, I do ALL the laundry that has built up over the weekend.  Which is usually at least 6 loads.  Today it was about 9 (because of a lil’ pre-birthday shopping spree that my husband gifted me with on MLK day at Value Village – when everything is 50% off!).  
This is what my laundry pile looked (and still mostly looks) like today:
Oh, and that’s a KING sized bed, folks.
(All angles for you, just so you can really grasp the girth of this pile.)

And Skyler laughs like I’m joking, every time I say that laundry will be the death of me.  
Unfortunately, it gets said often.  
At least on every Monday.
Happy Monday to you, friends.
I’m off to fold laundry. {sigh}

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