Chuck E Cheese is Smaller Than it Used to Be…

At least it seems that way.  I think that the last time I was in Chuck E Cheese (before Sunday) was probably when I was around 5 or 6 years old.  Both Skyler and I, as soon as we walked in, said, “woah” in taken-back unison.  Amazing what 20 years can do to a space. šŸ™‚

Although it was much different than either of us remembered, we both thoroughly enjoyed our time there with Ezekiel and our niece Kaily!  We originally were going to take the kids to the snow on Sunday but because of the terrible flooding that the Willamette Valley had this week, we decided to scratch that until a better day… I think we changed our minds about 10 times before we finally landed on going to Chuck E Cheese for the day. 

Even though Zeek is so young, he had a blast!  We ran into our pastor and his family, his brother-in-law and his family there – it was the brother-in-law’s son’s birthday.  They invited us to crash their party, which Ezekiel LOVED since we got to sit in the “birthday party” area – right up close to the robotic mouse, flashy lights, movie screen, etc.  He was TOTALLY into the mouse and flashy lights!

Watchin’ the Mouse show.

We enjoyed some pizza and a couple hours of playing video games, going on little rides and shooting hoops.  

I think Zeek is looking for hot chica’s. 

A mouse is a boy’s best friend.

Kaily and I playing Mario Cart – my fave!

Ezekiel was totally enthralled with the roller coaster simulator… can’t you tell?!

We finished the awesome and fun afternoon off with a trip to LimeBerry.

Sometimes, it’s good to be a kid again.


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