Master Bedroom: Closet Organization

We moved into our new house in the end of April 2011.  Around the beginning of July, it finally started feeling more like “home” as more projects have been crossed off the list.  Since then, the point where your house feels “together” at least, I have been going through and organizing different spaces.  A few months ago, I finally got seriously fed up with our closet in our master bedroom.

When we first got married, we lived in an apartment that had TWO big 6 foot closets in the bedroom.  When we moved into our little charming house, we shared a tiny-not-worthy-of-the-name walk-in closet.  Now in this house, we have just a little bit more space again in the closet.  (Still not a 6 foot closet for each of us, but definitely a step in the right direction!).

For MONTHS, we had piles of clothes at the bottom of our closet on the floor.  A stack of his work pants, his nice pants, his shorts, our pajama pants, my pants.  And some other things.  Then I got my dresser.  That helped {a little}.

This is the mess I was working with (mom, close your eyes for a minute…):

This picture really doesn’t do justice of the HEAPS of clothes always in a mess on the closet floor.

Whoever lived here before us did some kinda wonky things.  Like this awesome rig job he did in our closet.

I mean, how much are the brackets that hold those things up? Really.
That was the first thing to go.  Then I bought various bins from Wal-Mart and Target, and found a great little square wire storage system for the bottom of our closet at Target.  I sorted through all of our clothes, pulled out the old and never worn items to donate, then folded, straightened, organized… 

And ended up with this:

Not bad, right??

You want me to break it down for you?  Of course you do, if you’re anything as nosy as I am. 🙂

Here’s a closer look:

I mean, it would just be embarrassing for him if it were the other way around, right?
Don’t feel too bad for the guy.  He’s got a dresser all to himself too.
That’s really all I could think to call it.

There you have it.  Progress towards an organized life in this house. 🙂  You have no idea how thankful I was to finally get this done. 

One of my pet peeves (which I recently enlightened my in-law’s of, while playing “What’s Yours Like?” together) is when you’re digging for something at the bottom of your closet (used to be shoes for me growing up) and it’s dark and hot and there are pants and dresses hitting you in the head and getting in the way.  The. Most. Frustrating. Thing. Ever.  {For me at least.}

This is a lovely remedy to that silly pet peeve.  🙂

Love, K

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