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One more week of Instagram’s… 🙂
 I’m really not sure who taught my son how to sleep.
My stomach hurt for about 20 minutes after he woke up, from the pressure of a 22 lb babe.
 Birthday Boy, watching the BIG boys outside playing basketball.
He normally stands here on his tippy tip toes and peers over the edge.  Then this mama got smart and got him his stool.  He stood there for at least 15-20 minutes, just watching the boys. 🙂
Silly Birthday Boy!  Eating dinner at Five Guys.
POOPED after a long birthday party celebration day (and a 30 minute nap the whole day).  
The flash on my camera jolted him and made him do the arm raising reflex thing.  
Haven’t seen that in MONTHS.  I missed it.  
It was the perfect birthday present to this mama’s achy heart (because her baby isn’t a baby anymore!) 

Good morning text to daddy. 🙂 
(Yes, I realize there are a lot of those… what can I say?  Daddy loves them!) 
Good ol’ Grandpa!  Givin’ all the grandkids a lift. 🙂
 (I had to remind the kids that Grandpa is an old man and to be careful with him! ;))

Monkey took FOR.EVER. (and then some) to fall asleep the other night.  
Finally, my mama heart couldn’t handle him crying in the crib anymore,
and around 11:30 he finally crashed out sitting up with mom. 🙂 

Dinner: Beef, Masala sauce, onions, mushrooms, cranberries, raisins and cashews, all over spinach.  YUM. 

 Took the boy on a wagon ride today because it was sooo beautiful out!  He made this face almost the whole time.  I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying it or not.  After about 15 minutes, I decided he must not be liking the ride, so I took him back home.  As I was pulling him out of the wagon, he began fussing like he didn’t want out.  I took him in and he fell asleep almost right away.  I think he really did enjoy it, he just wasn’t feeling all that well and was tired…so, when Sky got home, we took him on a wagon ride again and this time he was much more happy. 🙂 Funny kid.

Stomping around and hollering, trying to get daddy’s attention.
Daddy has been holed up in the office working on homework all night!
Love, K

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