Where I’ve Been.

What a weird, sickly, tiring, yet beautiful and totally enjoyable week it’s been. 
It started last Tuesday, when Zeek and I must’ve birthday-partied too hard, because we both woke up with disgusting head-colds. 
He’s been a snotty mess all week.
And cuddling a LOT with his mama.
It was so beautiful out all week, so I tried to take him on a walk in his new birthday wagon to make him feel better.
It didn’t seem to work.

One night, he stomped his foot and hollered at the door for his daddy, who he knew was behind that door working on homework.

 After Daddy finished a long week of intense studying, we had a family date night at the pool hall…
…Where Daddy and Zeek participated in some creative billiards.
 After a few days, Zeek seemed to be feeling much better.

He discovered the joy of Mr. Potato Head (though not through intended use.).

 Mama played guitar for Zeek and he sang along.
 We giggled and took pictures together.
 And then a couple hours later, he started getting spots.

 They started popping up everywhere.
And we thought he was getting chicken pox.
 Turns out they were hives.  Which lasted 2 1/2 days.
 After Zeek started clearing up the next day, Skyler and I decided to drop off the poor babe with Grandma and we took a baby-free date.
 We mini-golfed, laser tagged, go-karted, and arcade gamed to our hearts content.
(Which is about 4 hours worth, if you were wondering.)

He learned how to walk with a toy.
Mama felt bittersweet about it – proud of him, yet he’s growing up too quickly.

Then the next day, I left Zeek with Daddy and my awesome mother-in-law treated me out to Spirit Mountain Casino for my birthday.  We enjoyed the buffet, the slots and 21.
I stuffed myself, gifted a couple machines with my money, and gained confidence at the tables.
And that’s where I’ve been the last several days.
Out and about.
And taking care of a sick child.
Very strange week.
While so fun {except for the sick part}.
But now this mama needs to devote today to her sweet baby.
I missed him.
Love, K

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