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Boy, doing these Instagram posts really show you what kind of week you’ve had!  
By the number of pictures I have for this week (ish), I’d say it’s been a pretty fun week. 
Or, at least, I thought enough situations were deserving of a photo. 🙂
 I love when he sits on his knee’s to play!
Kid loves forts.  He’s always crawling under his high chair to play!
Pre-haircut!  Waaaay too long.  But I was a nice mom and waited until he wasn’t sick any more. 😉
What do you need to give your one year old a haircut?
  • scissors
  • comb
  • squirt bottle
  • buckling baby seat
  • small toys to hold onto (Daddy’s earplugs)
  • laptop to watch cartoon (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • a willing mom!
 Skyler wanted to document the process:
Almost done!
I love my Prius.  
I don’t love my dust.
Ignore the husband face.  He was just a decoy anyway.
I was really capturing how tacky the interior is at our fave Thai restaurant.
Highlighter green.  In two shades.
Kids ceiling leaf from Ikea.
I wish I could decorate for businesses like this.
It kills me.
Baby decoy!
 Plastic streamers for door separation… 
Then we walked next door for Fro Yo.
Makes everything better.
How cute is he in his bball shorts?!
Checking out the window to see if the Big Boys were outside playing.
I sit in small boxes.
 Really small boxes.
Really, really, small boxes.
 “Happy birthday, Uncle Jeremy! I’m wearing the shirt you gave me!” photo.
Grandma’s drawer of crap is awesome for babies.
He played with it for two hours straight.
I need a drawer of crap.
Dinner:  Kale Chips, Salmon, Baked Asparagus, Sweet Potatoes with cranberries.
Shopping date with mom:
We watched cars from the sky bridge.
And drove car/t hybrids. 
Love, K

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