Love Story {Part Two}

(If you missed it, read Part One)
The couple days after the wedding s.l.o.w.l.y passed and it felt like forever before I was going to see Skyler again.
He had a few friends staying with him, who had flown in from NYC for Zach & Gemma’s wedding.  Since I was working a part-time job at Blockbuster at the time, I picked up a couple movies that I had heard were good and brought them to Skyler’s apartment.  Skyler’s friends sat in the two chairs and one on the futon in the living room, so I picked the open spot on the opposite side of the futon.  Skyler walked in, looked around, and I said, “there’s plenty of room here on the couch by us!” and he barely glanced at me and said “no thanks, I’ll sit on the floor.”
The whole two movies, I was confused.
 By our interactions, I had thought maybe Skyler liked me as well, but after that comment, I really didn’t know what to think.

(Later Skyler admitted that he thought his friend, who I had danced with at the wedding and who I was sitting by on the couch, and I liked each other.  He didn’t want to “get in between us”.  He had been in such an “avoid girlfriend’s” mode for the last few years, that he didn’t want to admit his feelings for me, even to himself.  He also admitted later that he was dying for John to NOT ask me to dance for one dance at the wedding!)

 The two movies slowly went by, and as they ended (figuring Skyler just invited me over to be nice and didn’t really have any interest in me), I quickly told him thanks for inviting me over and I was going to head out then, and maybe I’d see them around some time.  Skyler immediately jumped up from the floor and said, “I’ll walk you out!”  I was a little taken back at his enthusiasm, but was glad for the escort to my car – which was all the way out of the complex and on the side of the road.  We walked and chatted and made it all the way out to my car.  As soon as we were out there, I realized I left my food inside Skyler’s apartment.  We walked back together, and he offered to run inside and grab it.  To my complete shock, he said he’d walk me back out to my car.  I figured he would think “well, once is enough” and not want to walk me out again.  As we walked, he mentioned seeing Zach the next day, before they headed out to their month long honeymoon, and I excitedly asked Skyler if he could do me a favor.  In the rush of the wedding prep, I had left my favorite sweatshirt and my pillow at their apartment (which, if you know me, you know how supremely important my pillow is.  I do not like to sleep with anyone else’s pillow.  I have extreme attachments to my own. :)), and I asked if Skyler might be able to grab those for me and I would pick them up from him later.  

He agreed to do this for me.  Later, he told me that he thought I was just being a “girl” and trying to find another reason to see him.  Although that’s a likely story, I really had figured he didn’t like me at all, and my interest was in getting my pillow back.  
We agreed to meet up a few days later.  
It was Sunday.  In church that morning, I had an overwhelming feeling of loneliness.  That weekend was one year since my ex-husband and I had separated.  And all weekend, I couldn’t stop singing the song, “You take my mourning and turn it into dancing, you take my sadness and turn it into joy.”  I sang it over and over and over in my head.  As I was in church that morning, I was up front during worship and a vision came to me:

I was in bed in my old house that I had shared with my ex.  It was nighttime.  I was laying all the way at the edge of the bed, facing the closet.  The other side of the bed was empty, but you could see that someone had been there – you could see the impression on that side of the bed, and the blankets were all pulled back and rumpled.  I felt lonely and was weeping and called out to God in the darkness to give me a companion.  He said to me, “turn around”.  I rolled over and saw Him laying there next to me in bed.  He said, “you don’t need to feel lonely.  I’m always here.”

Right after I had this vision, someone came up to me (I’m not sure who, because I had my eyes closed), put their hand on my shoulder and told me “God’s taking your mourning and turning it into dancing.” And then she walked away.  I was so blessed by church that morning.  I really felt that God was telling me that he was ending that period of loneliness and sadness in my life and to be hopeful for this new season of joy and laughter.

 Later that Sunday afternoon, I had texted Skyler to tell him I was back in Salem (at the time, I was living in Albany), and asked if he was able to meet me at the waterfront park.  He said he wasn’t doing anything and would love to.  We met up and I got my beloved pillow back.  Skyler didn’t seem in any hurry to go, and I didn’t have any prior plans, so I asked him if he would want to toss a football around with me.

We threw the football back and forth for about an hour, just asking each other questions and getting to know each other better.  He eventually asked me about my siblings, and I told him I had a brother and sister.  He asked what they do for a living and I said my sister was a stay at home mom and my brother played for a Christian rock band and was touring.  He asked what band and when I replied, “Falling Up”, he started laughing.  He said, “no way!  That’s one of my favorite bands!”  He then suggested that we go sit down on a bench to talk more.  
We started talking more in depth and Skyler told me all about what he had done for the past 4 years since we had graduated high school.  He had gone to Bible school in upstate New York, had traveled to Mexico, Romania twice, Israel, Jordan and had lived in Brazil for 5 months.  He told me all about the crazy things he had encountered and all of his adventures.

Then he turned and asked me what I had been up to for the last four years.
I smiled, unsure what to answer and what to share about my past.

I asked him, “how much do you want to know?”
To which, he replied, “I want to know everything!”
“Okaaaaay.”  I was prepared to tell him everything.  “I actually got married when I was 19, and we got divorced when I was 21.”

Skyler laughed.
I wasn’t sure what to think of his reaction.  No one has ever laughed when I said I got divorced.
He laughed because he does that when he doesn’t know what to say, which I learned later.
I proceeded to tell him about the relationship I had, the divorce, and that it was only a year prior and that I was living with my parents again and working a full time job as a Project Coordinator at a home building company and part time at Blockbuster, just to keep me occupied.

We continued conversation for a half hour or so, and I realized I was getting hungry.
Being a “go after what you want” kind of lady (even though what I desperately wanted was someone to pursue me), I was just about to ask Skyler if he wanted to join me for dinner somewhere and continue talking, when I felt a nudge from God.  I felt Him tell me, “just wait, everything is going to be okay; let him ask you.”
It was literally about 2 minutes later when Skyler pulled out his phone, checked the time, and asked, “are you getting hungry?  My family’s going to a pig roast, want to come?”

Unsure what a pig roast was, I gladly accepted his offer – just because I wanted more time to hang out.  I left my car at the park and we drove together in his car out to a farm in West Salem.  We had a feast of food, enjoyed horse shoes and I met his younger brother and his parents.  We all had a great time at the pig roast.  When it was time to leave, I remember his mom gave me a big hug and told me how nice it was to meet me.

(Here’s us at the pig roast!  Sky’s mom snapped this of us.  I promise we were happier than we look! πŸ˜‰ A picture of a picture…poor quality!)
Skyler drove me back to the park to drop me off at my car.  He put his car in park but we continued to talk – for three hours!  Finally at midnight, we said goodnight and parted ways.  Before we said goodbye, we agreed to try and meet up again sometime that week…

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Love, K

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