What a Kroc!

Just kidding.
There’s no hogwash about this.
We did something fun this week.
We got a membership at the Kroc Community Center!
We’d heard about it for a long time, but never checked it out.
Finally, for little man’s bday last month, we were going to take him over there. 
However, it was just a half hour before closing time when we got there, so we opted to go back later.
Later was Tuesday this week.  And we walked out of there with a family membership! 
Seriously, the place is so cool.
If you’re nearby, check it out.
In the Leisure Pool:
Huge play pool with wading area for little babes, with bubble fountains
Big water slide and a little water slide
Lazy River
Play structure that has sprinklers and dumping buckets
Swimming “lake”
That’s all we’ve visited so far.
But there’s also:
Lap pool
Diving boards
Fitness Center
Daycare (2 free hours a day!)
Rock Climbing Wall
Gyms (Open gym basketball and volleyball)
And a lot more that we haven’t yet discovered.
But we’ve already been there 4 times this week.
Kid loves it.

With about a 2 hour turn around – drive time, changing time, and an hour or so in the pool – this is a really fun afternoon activity for Zeek and I.  
I feel like a “fun mom” when I take him there.
Plus, after swimming, he always conks out for a 2+ hour nap.
Double bonus. šŸ™‚
Anyone else in the area have a membership?
It’d be fun to have some playmates.

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