Pinterest Challenge: Thai Dinner + Homemade Ice Cream

We had a dinner party last week with some good friends.
And what does that usually mean?
I try out new recipes and make my friends my guinea pigs. πŸ™‚
After going to our favorite Thai restaurant last week, I was craving some more Thai!
(really, I could have Thai food every day and be happy.)
So I stumbled across a few recipes that I deemed worthy of trying for our guests.
First up, appetizers.

I tried this Sweet Potato Hummus
Because I didn’t make the Cumin Flatbread, I added a little Cumin to the hummus.  
I didn’t get to try too much of it, but Skyler raved about it for a few days after. 
It will be made again in this house.  πŸ™‚


And then:

Red Curry, Coconut, & Ginger Infused Clams.
Except, because I can’t follow recipes, I didn’t add the coconut.
Because I hate coconut.
These were the bomb.  I’m not kidding you.
Even the sauce was so good.
Next time (when we don’t serve it for guests), I’ll save the sauce for cooking something else in it.


This was second-day left overs…so colors are not as vibrant in the cilantro and lime, but whatev.  You get the idea. πŸ™‚  (Same as in the next “mine” picture)

And then, for dinner:

Thai Shrimp Coconut Curry.

Again, sans coconut. 
I’ll be honest, I chose this dish because of the pretty colors. πŸ™‚
Because we’re big meat-eaters, I added diced chicken to this dish.
We loved this dish (and the left-overs that we ate for 3 more meals!).
It will definitely be made again in this house.  And soon.

Then, a little while later, dessert:

Homemade Ice Cream. No ice maker, no rolling a tin.
Just heavy whipping cream, honey and a bit of vanilla extract.
And the freezer.

This recipe says that it takes 6 hours to freeze.  I had it in there for over 7.
And it wasn’t quite frozen.  It was a little gritty and the bottom of the serving bowl wasn’t frozen.
My friends Maria and Britney were sweet and said it was delicious.
I know that they were lying to make me feel good.  (I have nice friends like that.).
But seriously, let it freeze over night and it’s SO SO SO much better.  It was way creamier the next day.  It wasn’t gritty and it tasted exactly like vanilla bean ice cream!  Except it’s gotta be healthier than commercial ice cream – right?!  I ate pretty much the whole container myself, I’m not gonna lie.

Brit & Maria – try this, but let it freeze overnight, k?  So much better than the way I served it to you! πŸ™‚


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Basically, I’m going to make this entire dinner again.  I love when you love all of the recipes you try!  Especially when you made your friends be the guinea pigs!
Skyler told me I took a gamble by making all new things for dinner for everyone.
I think it was a risk well worth it!

Love, K

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