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In my Home Goals post, I mentioned wanted to do a major overhaul to Ezekiel’s room.  I have made some progress with my goals that I showed you in that post (which I’ll tell you about another day), but I couldn’t wait until I was completely done with my goals before started on Zeek’s room.  It was driving me nuts.  I HATED his room.  I hated being in his room.  It just felt undone and not cozy at all.

When we were living in our little house, Zeek’s room was part nursery, part music room, part sewing room.  It was a mish-mash of everything.  I just rolled with it and didn’t give his room a theme – just hung some shelves on the wall and put random trinkety things all over the room.  I liked it though – it was cozy and cute.  A few months after Zeek was born and we found out we were moving to our new house, I hadn’t thought of any different theme for his room and just handed my father-in-law a paint chip similar to what was in his room in the little house.

As soon as we moved in, I had painter’s remorse.  I hated the color.  It was too candy apple.  But Skyler said we were not going to repaint…so his room sat.  I had no motivation to do anything to it.  I threw a couple things on the wall that were in his old room, but I just hated it.  I rearranged furniture about 6 times, hoping each time that all the sudden I would love his room.  I did not.  So finally 10 months later, I figured out what I want to do with the room.  I have plans!  It feels so good to have direction for the room.  I want him to enjoy his space and feel cozy and comfortable in it.  (Yet, I also had to keep in mind that I needed it to be gender neutral for future occupants, because he WILL be sharing his room with any future brother’s or sister’s until we buy our own house a few years from now.)

Well, wasn’t that a short-story-long!?  πŸ˜‰  All this to say, I made a new art piece for Zeek’s new room!  It’s the first piece of his new room, and hopefully it will be “done” in the next month or so and I can show you the new space.

I originally had seen this piece of string art:

I liked the idea a lot – the colors, the rustic and industrial feel.  I was going to do this on some old boards, like this:

Then, a couple days before I was going to start on this, my friend Sarah at It’s On The Tip Of My Tongue posted this project, based off of this one from Honey & Fritz

And I knew this version was way better. πŸ™‚

I already had most of the supplies, so all I had to buy was the embroidery thread and the nails.  All I paid for this project was less than $4.

I had this bulletin board hanging in our office:

Originally I had painted it white and was going to use it in Zeek’s old room.  I had gotten white paint on the cork though, but was going to cover the cork with this blue fabric that matched the curtains in his room.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realized until afterwards that the back didn’t remove from this board and I wasn’t going to b able to recover it in a nice looking way…I thought I’d ruined it and was pretty bummed.

When I saw this project – I had an “ah ha!” moment, and realized it no longer was ruined!

I just painted the rest of it white.  I searched Free Fonts for a nice cursive font and chose Annabel Script.  It took me a couple of days to decide what word to use.  I wanted something that was more meaningful than just “dream”.  I wanted something that described Ezekiel.  I thought of “happy”, which is always what people say about him, but I didn’t like the way the word looked written out, which led me to the word “joyful”.  I love the way the word looked in cursive and even more love the meaning.  I printed it out in 600 size font, one letter per page.  I taped them together and placed them on my board where I wanted them, using double stick tape on the back to hold them in place.

 I wanted a little less shiny, more industrial look, so I chose silver nails instead of the gold.  It was about $1.50 for a pack of these at Lowe’s.  I bought 3 packs, not knowing how many I’d need.  Would you believe I used exactly the amount of one package, not on purpose?!  I thought, knowing me, I’d have to bust into one other pack just for like 5 more nails. πŸ™‚

I pushed the nails in with my thumb, all the way around the word.  About every letter or so, to give my thumb a break, I’d go around with a hammer and tap the nails in a little further (since this is hanging above Zeek’s bed and I didn’t want the chance of any falling out!)

After the nails are in, carefully peel the letters out of the nail lining.

Then the fun part!  STRINGING!  This was so enjoyable.  I tied knots around the starting and ending nails for each color and added a dab of tacky glue to the knots to make sure they stayed tied tight.

As mentioned in the Honey & Fritz tutorial, overlap the colors a little bit to get a blended look.

And here it is, all finished and hanging up:

I love the way it looks in his room!  It broke up the green wall and made me feel just that much better about the way his room feels.  πŸ™‚ It’s coming together.

*Hindsight: I should have painted two coats onto the cork…But I think I was too eager to start this to notice at the time after I painted.  But it’s okay, I’ve made my peace about it. πŸ™‚

What do you think?  You like?

Love, K



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