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So this is like a week and a half late.  Whatev.
We’ve been busy people lately. 
I know everyone is always busy, but this has been an exceptionally busy time as we are prepping for our first West Coast Paintball Series tournament of the year.  We’re trying to streamline, well, everything, a little more this year so we’ve been implementing and testing different programs for different areas of the business for the last couple months. 
We’re really feeling the pressure to get it all wrapped up now that the first event is less than two weeks away.
ANYWAY.  We have managed to still have fun these last two weeks. šŸ™‚  Here’s what our lives have looked like lately….
My husband has a very adventurous soul.  He is always telling me about his latest purchase that Ezekiel “is just gonna love!”  And he does love it…but it’s also Skyler being able to re-live some of the fun things from his past. šŸ™‚  Such as this:

The Rocket Launcher!

We hauled Zeek down to the park and strapped him in his stroller so he could watch the excitement!
Here goes:

Zeek and I took my mom to the airport and stopped in to Ikea to purchase some things for his “new” room!  He loves going to Ikea with me.  Seriously.  This is us enjoying some meatballs together on our lunch date in the cafeteria. šŸ™‚

This is my husband.

Zeek started getting really good at standing when he didn’t realize it.
 And then, last Monday the 27th (one month exactly after his first birthday), he took some steps!
He was a little shaky, but I was able to bribe him with some treats.

Proof that babies can get away with things that adults can’t.  
I would NOT be able to make my tummy pudge look this cute.

I stood behind this guy with his tattoo in a stare and emailed this picture to Skyler and told him I wanted him to do this for all of our kids (Zeek, plus hopefully 5 more future kids). 
He thought I was joking.
(I was, don’t worry.)
 Zeek and I hung out with Grandpa this weekend.
My dad gave Zeek his first hands-on guitar lesson.

Because we go to church on Sat eve’s, our Sunday’s are like our Saturday’s.
So, Zeek and I had a lazy Sunday while daddy sat in a coffee shop watching online lectures for a big test today in the nursing program.
I showed Zeek the wonder that is Finding Nemo.
I’m sure one day I’ll regret this move, as he begs to watch it over and over.

And then, suddenly, Zeek got the pukies. šŸ™ 
We snuggles for a coupe hours and he took two long 2-hour naps.

We think this is the culprit.  Last time h puked in December, he had some kiwi that day too. šŸ™
At least he didn’t have the flu or something.  He felt better last evening after he got it all out of his system.  The kid has been sick since his birthday, just over a month ago – just one thing after the next.  Poor kid can’t catch a break.  Cold, snots, hives, snots, food allergies/puking.  Boo.
It has now been a week since he took his first steps.
He’s getting much more bold.
Today, I stood in the kitchen staring off thinking, and suddenly I felt a little hand slip into mine. šŸ™‚
That jolted me back to reality pretty quick. 
Love my son! šŸ™‚

Love, K

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