Pinterest Challenge: ABC Flash Card Art

Ezekiel’s big boy room is really coming together now.  
And already, I LOVE it.  Such a change from his boring, thrown together room that he had before.
I forgot to really take any pictures of the “before” of his room. 
That’s how boring it was. Just random furniture, and a few things on the wall.
This project was really easy and quick and Ezekiel loves to look at it.  He’ll sit on the floor and just stare up at it, point to the cards, look at me and smile. 
Several months ago, I was in my favorite thrift store ever – OSU Thrift Store in Corvallis.  
You consign your own things in there – make your own prices – so everything is really great prices!  People go way lower on their own “junk” than a store would!
I found this ziplock bag filled with large, vintage looking ABC flash cards.
They had great retro colors and pictures of animals that are a little more unusual and aren’t normally on flash cards.  Like hedgehog, newt, quail.  πŸ™‚
I thought they were actually vintage, but after some online research, it turns out they were a Martha Stewart flash card sold a while ago for about $10 for the pack.  Not bad, since I picked mine up for $2 and they were in mint condition! (I’m not sure if they sell them anymore, but here they are featured on Apartment Therapy in 2007.)
I searched around on Pinterest to find some inspiration on how to hang them in his room.
I actually found the exact same ABC pack in a picture:

But I liked how this person displayed their’s better:

So I headed to Jo-Ann’s to find some small pom-pom ribbon.  I found a little yellow one that I really liked (and used it on these Anthropologie inspired tea-towels for my sister in law a couple years ago!).  I bought 4 yards of it for this project.  (I also had a pack of the little mini clothes pins already from Zeek’s birthday party).

Here are my ABC cards all hung up!

Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet, I decided to hang 6, 7, 6, 7 on each row to make it have some sort of order. πŸ™‚

And also because there’s 26 letters, I had to buy one more pack of clothespins because I wanted to hang each picture with two clothes pins (I felt it kept it a little tidier), and each pack came with only 50…and I needed 52.  Bummer. πŸ™‚  

Total Cost:
Cards – $2
Clothespins – $1.50
Pom-Pom Ribbon – $3
Total: About $6.50
Love, K

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