A Date with My Son

Between two different Bible Study’s, working busily for our paintball business, and general sickness in our household, I’ve felt like I haven’t devoted as much time just to Ezekiel so far this week as I would like to.
So I remedied that today by taking him on a mommy son date to Corvallis – home of Oregon State University!  It’s my old hometown and I miss it terribly at times.  Especially on a nice day, Corvallis is a wonderful place to be!
We headed down around 11 and first met up with my girlfriend for lunch downtown.  Since Whitney was just on break from work, after her hour was up, she had to head back.  Zeek and I finished up lunch just the two of us!
Then, since it was gorgeous out, we just marched all through the streets of downtown.  
It was seriously beautiful!  Sunny and a warm 64 degrees!
I know for some of you 64 degrees does NOT = warm.
But considering we had snow showers 2 days ago, 64 was greatly welcomed as warm. 🙂
We went into a few shops.
Found the toy section in one.  Specifically, the marble box. 

Kid loved it.  He dug around in the box for about 15 minutes before my ears hurt from the clanging of marbles and I finally dragged him away to a new toy.  🙂
Then, we went to the most amazing park ever.  We took him there when he was about 8 months old. 

I LOVE wood castle parks.  They’re the best, hands down. 
Zeek explored.
Watched the big kids play.

(I love his shadow in this one!)
Giggled, giggled, and giggled while sliding.

Sat, played with, and tried eating the wood chips.

And swang.

(Wish this one wasn’t blurry!)

Kid laughed his hearty laugh on the swings.
Because obviously they were THE. BEST.
Little man and I had a great day. 
I felt like a “good” mom again after the day was done.
Like I was finally able to really just play with him after the last few days of work work work!
Tomorrow, we *might* be taking him somewhere else fun, since Daddy has no school.
Anyone else itchin’ for summer?  For more playgrounds and swings and sunny days?
Me? Can’t wait.
P.S.  I love his faces.  My precious, expressive son.  🙂

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