26 Years Ago, Today

You were born.
You came into this world and graced us all with your presence.
You were born with purpose – God had a plan for you, even then.
Even though you didn’t know it, and I didn’t know it, God did. 
He had it all planned out for you.
God knew you would 
find me, pursue me, and ask me to be your wife.
He knew you would
live a life full of constant adventure
and He graciously let me be by your side for it.
(Captain Planet and Link from Zelda)
He knew you would
be my comedian, just as much as I am yours.
And He knew that your humor would brighten my days.
He knew that one day you would
create new life with me and 
that you’d be so incredibly supportive the entire way.

God knew you would
be the best partner for me and 
know exactly how to support me in the times that I need it.

He knew you would
have an amazing son,
and that you would be an incredible father.
He knew that He would be giving me the type of daddy 
that I prayed for, for my children.

I’m so glad God planned for you to be in my life 
in all of the ways that you are.
Happy Birthday!
I love you, Monkey.
You will always be my favorite.
Love, K
P.S. Guess what, Sky?  This is my 247th post! My favorite number – and it’s dedicated to you. šŸ™‚
P.P.S.  Happy birthday also to Whitney, Bekah & my beloved pup! (RIP Elijah)

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