One Down, Seven to Go…

Paintball tournaments of the 2012 season, that is.
After months of prep in the off season, a few weeks of continuous late nights and solid week before Saturday with non stop work…we now have our first paintball tournament of the 2012 season under our belt!  It’s a good feeling.  šŸ™‚
(If you’re new here, let me explain briefly.  My husband and I organize and run speedball and woodsball paintball tournaments in the Pacific Northwest.  Our company is West Coast Paintball Series and this is our FOURTH season, which is hard to believe!)
We always try to implement new, better, faster procedures for things and it’s always a little hairy the first (couple) times you do them, so I am very glad with how the event yesterday turned out with all of our “new” things that we worked in! (A PA system to play music throughout the day, an ipad to use a database called Bento for people purchasing Pacific Paintball Players membership ID cards so I could enter their info and take their picture and have it all in the database, individual barcodes on everyone’s ID cards, using my iphone to scan in everyone’s barcodes instead of paper roster sheets, several new sponsors on board for this season, new medallions, having a babysitter for Zeek for the first time…) There were many “firsts” at this event.  But (other than a few bumps that probably only Skyler and I were aware of), everything ran smoothly, which is all we can really ask for!  (Well, that and as long as the players have fun, which they did, we’re doing good!)
Me working working working at our mega-desk all week long.
“Jim, just 5 more minutes with mega desk, please.”
See the huge stack of PacPB ID cards in the middle there?!
Yea, I printed like a hundred.  For reals. 
Individual barcodes = 100+ barcodes = a lot more work than I calculated when I thought, “cool, barcodes!”

But the cards turned out pretty cool!  
(This is our friend Larry.  We love him and his wife Jeanie.  
And I love his ‘stache and this picture of it.)
(Jeanie, are you reading this post?! ;))

Our new custom referee jersey’s came in an hour before we had to leave!
*whew*  Weren’t sure if they were going to make it!
We had just purchased a Toyota Tundra last week so that we are able to pull a U-Haul behind us with all of the paint loaded in, instead of having the giant paint-truck drive to each of our events.  We came across a minor problem when we were informed Thursday night that our running lights (the red lights in the back that always remain on so you don’t rear-end us) weren’t working…
So the truck spent a few hours in the shop on Friday morning, and to no avail.  The mechanic couldn’t figure out why.  We ran out of time for him to look at it any longer and decided we just were going to have to rig something up on the trailer so that it would have some sort of light… And jimmy-rig we did…with a little help of a LED touch light and a red bike reflector plate…
Get a load of this:

Just keepin’ it classy.
So, with our now legal truck and trailer trash, we headed out the 4.5 hours from Salem, OR to Richland, WA where the Red Dot Paintball field is, on Friday afternoon. 
We got to our hotel (after a bite at Red Robin with Larry & Jeanie!) around 10:30 and immediately went to bed, because as always, when our alarms went off at 5:30 am, we knew we’d be hitting the ground running.
Here are some photo’s of the day:

Skyler and our trusty head ref Kevin.  He’s been with us since the beginning!

Players watching the games.
We had a good turn out of 25 teams and 120 players. 

Our new medallions!

The Man, leading the raffle drawing/awards ceremony.

Some grainy shots through the netting, because let’s face it – I wasn’t about to go inside the netting and get paint all over my jacket. šŸ™‚ 

And, the best “new” idea that we implemented this tournament: bringing a babysitter!!!

Seriously this was the best ever.  Because, I knew there was no way Ezekiel would be content to sit and play in his playpen like he did last season.  (HA!).  So we brought the little walker a friend to hang out with and play with. šŸ™‚

Shannon did amazing.  She was so so so good with him.  She kept him away from us and distracted him for the first few hours of the morning when we were extremely swamped, so he wouldn’t whine and fuss and want us.  She got him to sleep THREE times!!!  I was lucky last year to get him to sleep once during the tournament days.  They walked and walked and walked around (his new love), watched some paintball, watched some Ice Age on the lap top in the truck, took a loooong hour and half nap in the truck, and learned the joy of just sitting down and playing with the dirt and rocks. šŸ™‚

His new laughing face that he seems to think is pretty funny:

Sound asleep from swinging on the playground together. šŸ™‚

We headed home after the tournament around 7:30 and made it home by 12:30.
Needless to say, we.were.pooped.

We have a tradition of resting and relaxing the next day after a tournament – and by starting the relaxation with a Sunday breakfast!  We usually go to a breakfast buffet (if I have my say about it…which I usually do! ;)).  This morning we tried out somewhere new – Eola Hills Winery.  We checked it out online and decided to go for it, even though I was a little skeptical because the breakfast buffet at Orchard Heights Winery was sub-par.  

I am happy to report that Eola Hills was excellent.  They also were doing an “Irish themed” breakfast today for St. Patrick’s Day (which I honestly had no idea was yesterday!).
I ate like a pig.  No shame in saying it on the world wide web. šŸ™‚

I had:
 three eggs benedict – 2 seafood and 1 traditional

a strawberry/marionberry crepe with white chocolate sauce, homemade whip cream and ground hazelnuts

ham and cabbage
5 fried oysters
one oyster shooter
fruit and vegetables
a small plate of misc. pastries
scone with lemon curd
orange juice
apple juice

A big bombin’ breakfast.

I think the breakfast’s are my favorite part of running a paintball business. šŸ˜‰

Looking forward to relaxing a bit now before the grind of the next one.
Hope you all have had an awesome weekend too!


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