My Little Streaker.

It’s been a week since our paintball tournament
and I finally feel rested from it.
We didn’t do a whole lot this week. 
We literally just sat around in a disastrous house Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
Tuesday night, I led a Bible study for some high school girls.
Wednesday morning, I went to a mom’s Bible study.
Wednesday afternoon, the sitting around commenced again. Plus, it was snowing all day and we didn’t want to do much in it.
Thursday, Zeek had a fever of almost 102 the whole day. πŸ™  Again, lots of snow.
Friday, Zeek felt better and it was 60 degrees and sunny, so we took Zeek to OMSI!
Bonus: I finally felt rested Friday night and kicked my house’s butt.
5 loads of laundry done and folded (with the help of my husband), 2 loads of dishes washed, kitchen scrubbed, floors swept/vacuumed and mopped, bedsheets changed, living room tidied.
There’s nothing quite like resting in a tidy home. πŸ™‚
I just had to share a few pictures from this week.

This is my little streaker.
He gets it from his daddy.
Who gets it from his daddy.

My little naked Anderson:
 Just reading some books…
Playing with some magnets…

Digging through some toys…

And playing soccer.
All in his birthday suit.
 Pictures from playing in the snow on Thursday morning, before the fever reared it’s head.

This kid was busting up laughing.

Cracking up!

Grinning wide and laughing hearty!

Literally, rolling on the floor laughing!
Over what?
His cat rubbing her face against him and rolling on the ground.

It was too funny. πŸ™‚
Precious footsteps!

Hope you all have been having a great week!

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