The Day We Went to OMSI

Remember when I told you that we bought a membership to the A.C. Gilbert House?  Well, with that membership comes a membership to OMSI.  All you have to pay for is parking ($3) each time you go, which is a pretty awesome deal considering it would cost us almost $30 to go as a family each time we wanted to visit OMSI.

So, since Friday was a beautiful, sunshiney day, we decided to venture out of the house and head up to Portland to OMSI.  We headed up at noon so that Zeek would take his nap on the way there…He did fall asleep pretty quickly but about 10 minutes into his nap, we realized we needed gas and had to pull over.  Of course, this woke up my son (who always wakes up the instant we stop the car) and he never did fall back asleep…So the poor kid had to troop around the museum on a ten minute nap.

He enjoyed himself, but obviously would’ve had much more fun had he been fully rested.  We’re going to try again this next week to go up there.

Regardless, here are some pictures from the afternoon!  Skyler and I had just as much fun as Zeek. šŸ™‚

Playing with a table that had 6 holes in it and you dropped little wooden balls and watched them roll all over before they’d finally swirl down one hole.

Inspecting bugs!

Taking a closer look at what lives in a tree…
And the best ever: 
the water playing area!!

Thankfully they supply aprons!
I feel like he should have some naked buns peeking out of the back of this apron, like a hospital gown. 

Daddy giving Zeek a lift!

Zeek would grab balls from this table…
Take as many as his little hands could carry…
And drop them into the dam that another kid was building at another table!

Daddy enjoyed the water play area too…

 We built gears to play with!

 Brushing up on his Morse code.

Playing the washtub bass!

Playing a xylophone of sorts!

Daddy “inventing” some sort of ball blowing shoot!

Innocently leaning over to pick up a ball…
When all the sudden, something strikes from behind!
Zeek turns around and looks at Daddy.

 Where the heck did that come from Dad?!


OMSI always has new featured exhibits.  Currently, it’s lego’s!  I don’t remember the name of the guy who built all these, but they were awesome!!

 Looking forward to going again this coming week when (hopefully) Zeek is better rested and can enjoy it even more!  šŸ™‚
Totally worth $3 for parking.
We’ll be come back here many times this year, for sure. 
Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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