Weekend Getaway

Whelp, this is my first mobile blog post. We are currently driving north on I-5, 189 miles into our 962 mile treck home from Huntington Beach, CA. Maps says this trip takes 17 hours and 9 minutes. But not with my mad-man husband. He made it there in a little over 14. Please don’t ask how fast he was going; I don’t want to know. We’re gessing we’ll be home around 6 am. We would’ve stayed down there longer than two days, but Skyler’s nursing school starts up again at 8 am tomorrow. I am so glad I’m not that guy!! šŸ™‚

I’ll tell ya more about our trip tomorrow when I’m home. And you know I’ve got some cute pics of the boy to share! šŸ˜‰

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!!


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