Huntington Beach & San Diego

We’re back.
We rolled in at 7:10 am.  A little later than we thought.
We had a few more stops last night than we anticipated and several patches of butt to butt stopped traffic.  Even at 10:30 pm.  In the middle of nowhere.  {Only in California.}
Our trip was what you could call a last minute vacation.  We had talked briefly about possibly going down to the big National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) tournament in Huntington Beach a couple months ago but never really made any definite plans.  On Thursday morning, we woke up around 10, made breakfast and Skyler says, with a sparkle in his eye, “So…you wanna to go the paintball tournament?” My guy is always one for adventure, and being his wife…I suppose I’m always one for adventure too. πŸ™‚  We packed as fast as we could, I spent 15 minutes picking a hotel and we threw our stuff in the Prius and left by 12:30. 
It was a slow drive.  Well, I mean, Skyler drove fast.  Faster than I would’ve liked – so I chose to not look at the speedometer.   But it still took us 14 driving hours and 16 hours total. 
Zeek did pretty well, but understandably, he got a little bored.
He helped pass time by taking some long naps.

 He practiced his flexibility by sucking on his toes.

 And he ran around what was probably the most boring, blah, least colorful fast food restaurant that I have ever EVER seen.
In the words of Chandler Bing, “Could this place BE any more grey and pale pink?!”
I have a hard time imagining any more soft shades.  There weren’t even any signage facing inward.  All of the windows were white with the colorful signs facing outward.  This place was stuck in the 80’s and not moving anytime soon.
We finally arrived in Newport Beach to our hotel at 4:30 am.  We slept about 6 hours and got up for the day!  We headed up to Huntington Beach (7 miles from our hotel) to check out the paintball field!  It was pretty cool, to say the least.  The fields (3 of them, for the different divisions) were set up on the sand, just on the north side of the pier.

There was also a surfing competition on the South side of the pier during the same time, which was fun to watch!

 Zeek loved playing on the beach!  It’s been since several months since last summer when we were at the beach in Oregon, so it was like an entirely new experience for him!

Daddy showing Zeek the ocean…

And scooping him up, just before the wave got him!

Completely fascinated by kelp.  MUST be my kid.  πŸ™‚

Skyler had never been to The Cheesecake Factory (gasp, I know!), so we headed there for dinner.
The boys, both with food in their chipmunk cheeks, and unable to smile at me.

Zeek tried sweet potato fries for the first time.  They were clearly a huge hit.
Side note: Zeek has a real issue with his chipmunk cheeks.  He stores food in them for the longest time.  On this trip, we had given him a piece of chicken to eat, while we were driving down to CA.  An hour or more later, he coughed and I looked back and he had finally spit the piece of untouched chicken out of his mouth.  πŸ™‚  It amazes me the length of time he’ll store food in there!
  The next day, we explored around Newport Beach and the peninsula a little bit.
They had a ferris wheel and some small shops on one side of the peninsula and after a short few-block walk to the other side, they had a beach area and pier.

Up on the pier, we looked down and saw a couple sea lions barking at us!
 As we were just about to head down to San Diego for the rest of the day, Ezekiel started puking.  And then it dawned on us:  the “Naked Juice” we had earlier, and shared with him, had an entire kiwi in it – which he’s allergic to!!  We had the worst DUH moment, as we realized he’d be puking the next couple hours.  Thankfully, we had only given him about 1/4 cup of it, so it passed through his system fairly quickly – but he still puked 6 times.  
Here was my punishment for the stupid parenting of the day:
Soaking wet, puked on clothes, drying with the heat vent and the sunshine…
Earlier in the morning, Ezekiel signed “potty” to us right after he woke up.  (He normally does this and normally goes potty right after he wakes up at home.).  I thought, “ok, we’ll try!” and stripped him and put him on the toilet…He did NOT like the adult potty in place of his usual one, and he cried and cried.  As soon as I hoisted him off and put him on my hip to go put a diaper on, he let loose.  I was drenched in pee.  Like dripping down my bare legs and feet.  Huge puddle on the bathroom floor.  

I felt so “mom” that day.  Peed on and puked on.  What else could there be?  Bring it on.  πŸ™‚
We made it down to San Diego, and after a couple hour nap in the car, Zeek was back to his joyful self when we got there.  We met up with my cousin Justin (who I haven’t seen in 10 years!) and his wife Deidre (who we met on our honeymoon, actually, and is one of my favorite “online friends” now.) and their son Ethan, because they live in San Diego area.  We walked around Balboa Park.  It wasn’t as exciting as the last time we were there, because the Koi pond was empty and the botanical garden had closed a half hour before we got there.  But, regardless, it was fun to visit and watch the boys chase each other!
We tried to get a couple good pics of them together – but it’s hard to keep moving babes in one place for very long!
Daddy’s and their boys.

I love this one of my boys.

Cute little boys, checking each other out!

After Balboa Park, we went downtown to the Fish Market for dinner, per Skyler’s request.
We had to wait a while but the restaurant was right in the marina, so we waited around on the grass and looked at the boats.
They have this same statue in my favorite city in Florida!

Trying to get Zeek to look up her dress. πŸ™‚

Zeek entertained himself by making weird noises, as you can see by his lips…but I thought his eyes were pretty in this pic!

My cousins!

 One very pooped baby when we got home late that night!  I love how tiny he looks in the giant King bed!
Sunday, we packed up the hotel room to leave.  
Here’s a view from our room – very pretty!
And I just had to post this pic of Zeek out on the balcony.  
I love my big gut, big butt, chicken legs little boy!!
We stopped at Huntington Beach one last time to watch a few more paintball games.
Zeek and I mostly played in the sand and searched for shells.  Zeek LOVED shells.  He’d pick them up and hand them to me to put in my pocket, or he’d hold on tightly to them.

We also started Zeek on his very own smashed penny collection!  His daddy has a huge collection from all over (probably at least 130 of them) and has collected them since he was little.  We decided to pass the tradition on to our kids.  Here’s Zeek with his very first smashed penny from Huntington Beach pier!

We had a long drive home (left at 1:30 Sunday and arrived home just after 7 this morning).  
But we did it.  πŸ™‚
Here was our happy traveler:
And that was our very last minute, very fast, but very fun weekend roadtrip.
We’re hoping to do it again (a little slower, over a couple weeks) this summer.
Go to the Redwoods and travel slowly down the 101.
Can’t wait. πŸ™‚
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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