Product Review: Lowepro DSLR Camera Sling Bag

I guess, first of all, I should say that I’m not being paid or compensated for this review in any way!  I just love my Lowepro bag so much, I wanted to share it with you all in case anyone is looking for a new camera bag! 🙂

I used to have a super lame camera bag.  One similar to this style:

It did the purpose of storing the camera just fine while at home, but I never wanted to take it anywhere with me.  It just wasn’t practical to carry around.

I wanted something that I could carry easily and comfortably.  I love using my Nikon D5000 and wanted a bag that made it more practical to carry around to use on trips, special outings, or any where we were going.

I originally had in mind a backpack sling camera bag like my dad has for his DSLR camera.  He has one similar to this:

He let me use it when I did some wedding photography last summer and I loved it.  I really loved all of the compartments and how easy it was to wear and access.

After months and months of talking about wanting a new camera bag (but never really looking into it myself), Skyler surprised me with my new bag for my birthday a couple months ago.  At first, I was shocked and honestly a little bummed.  I thought I had mentioned enough times that I liked the backpack style like my dad’s, and the bag Skyler got me was definitely not like that one.

Skyler got me the Lowepro Passport Sling.

It took me a couple of weeks of being quietly disappointed before I got the bag out to use.  And I immediately went to Skyler and apologized for my ungrateful attitude and thanked him for doing the research and getting me a REALLY awesome bag!  I seriously love this bag so much.

I have used it on playdates with Zeek to the park, or the museum and used it as pretty much my purse for our entire California trip last weekend.

I love that it perfectly holds my Nikon D5000 (usually with my attached 35mm lens), my 18-55mm lens and my 55-200mm lens.  It has plenty of room and pockets for my charger/cord, extra battery and extra memory cards.  When I am taking the bag out and about, I usually remove those “extra’s” and love the space inside where I can slip my wallet, cell phone, keys, snacks for Zeek, toys for Zeek, lip gloss, etc and still have plenty of space…PLUS it can unzip and expand another 30% if I need it to!  The bag is very comfortable to carry around, and while maybe not the most “stylish” (I mean, it’s not a Coach purse or anything.  Likely it won’t ever match my shoes.), it’s stylish enough as a cute messenger type bag.

It definitely was made very well and the padding inside is great.  I know my camera is protected, while it’s still a practical way to cart it all around town, with the extra’s from my purse.  

Here’s some pics of me wearing it recently:

This is what the inside of my bag looks like, coming home from CA:

Inside:  (Sans 55-200mm lens, which normally I have in there too.) Nikon with attached 35mm lens, 18-55mm lens, a couple diapers, a pack of wipes, my wallet and my cell phone and chapstick tucked in there.  Still plenty of room to shove a few extra things (like a waterbottle), even without unzipping the side for more space.

Here’s the promo video from their website.

This is the description of the bag, also from their website:

“Lowepro’s Passport Sling™ is designed for today’s photo enthusiasts who
want to carry an equal amount of camera and personal gear as they
sightsee, travel or go out for a walk with their DSLRs . It’s unique and
comfortable shape is unlike a traditional sling bag—it truly conforms
to the body and easily moves with the wearer. Place it across the chest,
high and close or low and loose, depending on the activity. The
shoulder strap features a cam lock buckle that easily adjusts for an
ideal fit, plus a removable, sliding shoulder pad that offers cushioned
comfort when needed. On the exterior, two slash pockets and a water
bottle pocket provide quick access to maps, guide books, boarding
passes. Inside, the sling is equipped to protect your DSLR and a few
accessories as well as offer plenty of space for personal items. Unzip
the front of the Passport Sling to reveal an expansion compartment that
adds approximately 30% more space—enough to accommodate items like a
light jacket, lunch, cool souvenir or farmers’ market find. A fully
padded camera box (with built-in memory card pocket) protects a DSLR.
Remove it and collapse the box when you want to pack the sling in a
larger bag for travel.”

Seriously.  Go check out the bag on their website You’ll be happy you did. 🙂 

You’re welcome.

P.S. You can get the bag cheaper at!  Shhh, don’t tell Lowepro I told you! 😉

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