DIY Floor Pouf

Yep, I’ve added something else to Zeek’s ever changing room!  I feel like his room is *almost* done.  (Do I say that every time I post about his room??) And I really love how it’s turning out.
Zeek is really into books lately.  He can sit quietly and look at books for 20-30 minutes at a time.  Quite the accomplishment for a 14 month old, if you ask me!  He just loooves turning pages (both paper and cardboard), pointing to pictures and babbling.  Often he’ll wander off and when I go to find him, he’s sitting quietly in his room with about 10 books pulled off his shelf and he’s studying one of them very intently.
That in mind, I really wanted to make a special place in his room for him to enjoy his books.
I first thought of maybe getting a bean bag chair.
Then that thought evolved into making one.
Then I saw the “pouf”.
And I wanted one.
But I didn’t want it $249 badly enough.
But I still wanted it.
I could see Zeek curled up on it with books piled around.
So, I headed to Jo-Ann’s for some fabric.  
I came home with a funky green zebra print, outdoor canvas. 
And some colorful polka-dot fabric for back pillows. 
 I didn’t really know what I was doing but I figured it couldn’t be that difficult, so I just went for it!
I cut out a top and bottom piece 24″ x 24″ and four side pieces 24″ x 8″. 
The dimensions of the West Elm ones are 12″ high, but I decided to make it a little shorter for my little man. πŸ™‚
I sewed all the sides together, leaving one 24″ side and the 24″ bottom open.  
The inside of my pouf.  Sorry for the terrible picture.
I was just going to sew this shut, but last minute decided that I better add a zipper since this was going to be Ezekiel’s cushion and I’d probably want to wash it sometime. 
I was intimidated.  I’d never done a zipper before. (I KNOW!)
I went to the little sewing box of stuff my mom passed on to me because I knew there were some zippers in there.  Guess what I found in there?
The perfect zipper.  I’m not kidding.
It was like God saying, Here kiddo, I’ll make it easy on you!
The zipper was 24″ and almost the exact same color of green!
Not only that, but I had TWO just slightly different ones, same length, same color to choose from!
And you know what?  It was so easy.
 I’m really not sure why I was so scared of zippers before!
I was going to make this a bean bag pouf and I remembered seeing some fill at Wal-Mart for bean bags.  We headed down to Wal-Mart and no luck.  No fill anywhere.
I walked down the craft aisle and found a giant bag of poly fiber fill for $8.97.
Done.  Sold.
It filled the pouf nicely!  I put it down and smacked it around a bit to give it shape.  Zeek watched with a twinkle in his eye at his mama’s crazy antics.  Then he busted in laughter and joined me by giving the pillow a few good smacks, giggling away.
I wanted a couple simple back pillows to make it a nice pouf/chair.  I just grabbed a couple standard size pillows from Target for $4.04 and just sewed simple pillow cases around them.
I threw them in Zeek’s room and:

He loves them!!
Here’s how it looks in his room:
Little reading nook.

I love these old crates I picked up to use as bookshelves for him.
We use the pallet bookshelves for the books we don’t want him getting into by himself, and put books that are cardboard or that we don’t mind if he wrinkles down on these bookshelves on the ground.
Overall, my cost for the floor pouf and two pillows was around $25.  
Savings of $224 plus two extra back pillows. πŸ™‚
You can’t keep this kid off of his new pouf!


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