Cacti Lanterns

Yep.  One more thing done with Ezekiel’s room.  An easy something, but took me forever to find.

I found these awesome red lanterns at Ikea a couple months back.  They were in the As-Is section (though they looked perfect to me!) for only $3 each.  I loved the red and it was at that point that I decided I was just going to go with an over all “colorful” look to Zeek’s room.  Gender neutral right?! 😉

When I saw them, I did what I always do:  stood back, looking at the lanterns in my cart, envisioning.  And I saw them hanging on either side of Zeek’s window.  I saw little cacti with little red blooms on them inside the lanterns.

I knew Lowe’s had some of those cacti, but when I went there, they were no where to be found.  I searched all over.  I remembered Trader Joe’s used to have some.  Nothing.  I looked at Fred Meyer.  Nothing.

I looked again at Lowe’s a month later and there they were. 🙂  Exactly what I was thinking of.  They were $3.48 each.  I grabbed two and also picked up two little galvanized pails to pot them in (got them from Target in the dollar bins).

When I got home, I glanced at my kitchen window sill and saw some little galvanized buckets just waiting to have something planted in them.  When I bought the pails, I didn’t think about having to fit them inside the little candle lip part inside the lantern.  They were too big and wouldn’t have fit anyway.  BUT, these little buckets fit perfectly!

I planted my cactus and love how they look in their little galvanized buckets!

Pretty, huh?! 🙂

I placed them in their lanterns and rehung them in Zeek’s room!  You can’t seem them too well in the pictures, but I love how they add another little pop of color and a bit of rustic-ness to his room.

One more thing off of the checklist.  🙂

So many more little things to do though!  And one big one.  Which I’m currently in the process of begging Skyler for help with. 😀


Creations by Kara

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