Starting a Gallery Wall.

Remember this big ol’ blank wall that I mentioned in my Home Goals 2012 post?
And I said, I wanted to get something up on that awful boring space.  
Well, yesterday, I finally did!
I bought three black 12×12 frames from Craft Warehouse.
And I bought a plastic monthly insert and a vinyl A.

Put some scrapbooking paper in the frames…
Decided how I wanted them to hang, by taping their inserts on the wall.

Hammered nails right through the paper in the spot I marked from the back of the frames.
Tore off the paper, and hung up my new memo boards!
I wasted no time putting up info on the To-Do’s, Calendar and Shopping List.

I’m going to make this a gallery wall (I’ve already added one more thing since I hung these up yesterday!).  I’m not sure what else will go up there.  I’ll just slowly collect things over time, I’m sure.
I knew I wanted these up there though, and wanted them to be the central thing.  
Skyler even gave me his stamp of approval.
No more blank wall!
Rock on.

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