Sensory Box

A couple weeks ago, my friend Jessica mentioned sensory boxes.  Immediately, I flashed back to the sensory boxes we used to play with in first grade and remembered how much fun we had with them! 
A couple days later, I was cleaning out my lazy-susan and I was just about to throw away a couple bags of popcorn kernels that we had gotten for Christmas (but we only eat Kettle corn around here when we do have popcorn, and it’s easier to just throw some in the microwave.).  And I remembered the sensory box idea. 
I got a tub out of Zeek’s room, filled it with the corn kernels, threw in some scoops, a bowl, a honey stirring stick and a couple other things. 
I put Zeek in front of it and sat back, fully prepared to accept the “MOM, you’re the COOLEST, I love you!” looks that were sure to come from my son.  
Instead?  I got handful after handful of kernels released onto the floor.  Followed by giggles.
I turned on the broken record that I keep around that says, “no Zeek, don’t do that!”.  I played it on repeat for about 20 minutes as I constantly scooped the kernels back into the tub, before I finally stopped the “fun” and took the box away.
Later in the afternoon, my sister came over.  I told her about the box fail.  Her two kids (8 and 5) loved the box and played with it nicely.  I wished they would teach their cousin a thing or two!  Then, my sister uttered pure genius.  “Why don’t you put the tub inside another big tub?”  And a vision of his little blue plastic pool came immediately to mind.
I pulled it out of the garage, put the tub and Zeek into it and…go ahead hunny.  Throw the kernels on the ground for all I care! πŸ˜‰  And, as life would have it, he actually got better about not just dumping the corn out of the tub once it was inside the pool.  He all the sudden was way better at keeping it contained. 
And he had fun for about 45 minutes with mom, scooping, pouring and mixing kernels to his hearts content.

P.S.  For you concerned mom’s: don’t worry.  I watched my son carefully with the corn.  Plus, he really doesn’t put much in his mouth as it is.
For now, it’s put away in a ziploc bag in his closet, waiting for another rainy day. πŸ™‚

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