Cannon Beach and Bike Riding

Another day as an Anderson = another day of adventure.
This time: Cannon Beach & Seaside.
We headed an hour and a half away to the coast, just Northwest of Portland.
Skyler found a place called Family Fun Cycles where you can rent beach bikes.
Skyler and I each got a bike and we got a trailer for Zeek to pull behind Skyler’s bike.

I had only ridden on one of these beach bikes when I was little and didn’t remember much about it.
We had an hour and half rental, and it was LONG ENOUGH! šŸ™‚ My thighs felt the burn!  Oh my.  What a work-out.  So we kept stopping and resting as we traveled the 3-4 miles down the beach.
 I was resting nicely balanced, and then one little twitch and the whole seat moves on you and… this is when I fell. šŸ™‚

Whoop whoop!  Bike riding is da bomb!
We took a break and let Ezekiel get out and run around the beach.  This was the first time he’s been on our beach since he could walk – and he quickly learned it’s a lot different than Huntington Beach!
The wind was blowing (as it usually does on the Oregon Coast), and he quickly had to learn to counterbalance against it to stand up!  He knew he didn’t want to fall and get sandy!

What a funny sight!
As we rode through a few little creeks, we remembered were told to ride slowly through the water.  Unfortunately, we rode a little too slowly, and Skyler got stuck.  After I crossed, he called to me to come back into the creek and pull them out, since I was wearing flip flops and he was wearing tennis shoes.  As I pulled his bike up out of the water, his tire spun out and well…it resulted in this:
hehe.  Whoops.
And he ended up having to just take of his shoes and get himself out of the mess anyway, since I couldn’t pull a 150 lb man, 25 lb baby, a bike and a trailer out of the murk myself.  Shocking. šŸ™‚ 

Zeek looks so goofy!

Oh, and for all you non-Oregonians… Remember the movie The Goonies?  Does this area look familiar??

Haystack Rock

It should!
Truck Rally in The Goonies

 Look in the background!

We looked at the tide pools at Haystack Rock.

Letting Zeek touch the wall of sea anemones. 

After all that running around, exploring and touching sea life, Zeek did NOT want anything to do with getting back into his wagon.  He cried and screamed and threw an absolute FIT.  He wretched himself all around in the seat, arched his back, threw his head back, wailed and I felt sure that people were judging us for child abuse. 
Skyler let him back out and he ran over to me in my bike, sobbing and looking incredibly pitiful.
So, I did what any mom would do, with a screaming child and only 20 minutes left to get the bikes back to the rental…
I pulled him up on my lap and balanced with only one hand on the handles and pedaled as fast as my little legs could go.
It was the most precious thing ever!  He laid his head down and just cuddled me as we rode back. šŸ™‚
(PS.  See that earring?  It’s cute little red rose stud, given me for my birthday from my friend Amanda…and I sadly lost the other one somewhere along the way on this bike ride. šŸ™ Sad day.)

After we returned the bikes, we headed north to Seaside, which was about 15 minutes from Cannon Beach.

I love Seaside.  I’ve only been a few times before, but it’s easily one of my favorite beaches in Oregon.  It has a cool downtown to walk through, and leads straight to the beach.  Whenever I’m there, it’s like it’s an actual California beach – for whatever reason, it seems warmer, sunnier and less windy there.  There’s people building sand castles.  And out laying on the beach.  In their swimsuits.  Unheard of in Oregon.
We went into the little carousal mall to cruise around for a bit.
But the boy was fascinated by the carousal.

So we paid the lady and took him on his first carousal ride! 

I think he had fun.  He wasn’t sure what to think, so he sat there expressionless as we went round and round. šŸ™‚

 And then.  We saw it.  Another smashed penny machine.  In keeping with our new tradition, we had to get him another smashed penny for his new collection (his first was in Huntington Beach.).
His proud daddy (master smashed penny collector) had to document his second penny smashing experience.

Then we walked on downtown towards the beach.  Just outside the carousal mall, we saw a young man playing guitar and singing.  And Zeek stopped in his tracks.
And stared.

He was mesmerized.  He just watched.  For about 15 minutes, he stood in one place and watched him, hardly blinking.  

The young man thought Zeek was so cute and couldn’t stop laughing through his singing.
We finally got Zeek to move along after standing and listening to about 4 songs.

Downtown Seaside, facing the opposite direction of the beach.

On the way home, we stopped at this big rustic lodge called Camp 18 for dinner.

It was a great family day at the beach. šŸ™‚
We’re thinking of planning a Goonie vacation this summer.  Checking out the house in Astoria, going to Ecola State Park and some other filming locations.  Looking forward to summer with my little adventurous family!
Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

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