15 Months

Ezekiel, my dear boy.  YOU are 15 months old.  Sometime last month, it dawned on me that you aren’t a baby so much anymore.  You are a total little boy.  If I dare say, you are growing up even faster right now, than you did in your first few months of life.

15 Months
  • You LOVE your dad.  You are constantly throwing up your hands in a quizzical way and asking “Dada?”  Most often, my answer is that he is at school or studying.  But sometimes, he’s just in another room, and you ask where he is and then go off to find him.  
  • You are still wearing your medium G diapers (barely) and your large ones.  You wear size 4 disposables.
  • You are wearing mostly 18 month clothing.
  • You STILL HAVE NO TEETH.  We have discussed baby dentures. You have 9 more months before we officially freak out.
  • You slept for 10 hours straight the other night in your crib.  You have never done this – usually you are good for only about 5 hours at a time.  
  • When I’m in the kitchen cooking a meal, you come and beg me to let you sit up on the counter.  You LOVE to watch me cooking.  Especially in the morning when I’m making you scrambled eggs with salsa, which is just about your favorite thing ever.
  • We take you to the Kroc Center 1-2 times a week.  You have so much fun splashing around.  You do not like the life-jackets though.  You love to sit on the edge and I count to three and you scoot off the edge into my arms in the water.  Everyone always tells you what a brave little boy you are.
  • You are really into just observing things.  When I’m crafting something or sewing, you just want to sit at the table on a chair next to me and watch.  You watch quietly for a very long time!
  • You have been walking for 2 months now and are very confidant!  Even the last few times being in the water at the Kroc Center, you can tell how much more confidant you are in the water too.
  • When you walk, you either hold your arms out in front of you, making tight fists, to help balance you, or your swing your arms at your side (also tight fists).  So cute.  
  •  You have mastered your goofy cheesy grin when I pull out my camera.
  • You no longer enjoy holding my hand as we walk.  Rather, you dislike holding it, because you know you have to stick with mommy when you hold my hand.  This breaks my heart a little bit.
  • As of 14 months, you have been in 8 states: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Nevada and California.  You little world traveler, you!  
  • You love to sleep on your side.  Whether sleeping in your crib or in our bed, you usually are curled up on your side with your knees bent… Just like how mama always sleeps. 🙂
  • You have started TALKING.  Honest to goodness talking.  Not just baby babble, but you are saying words.  And learning them SO fast.  Currently you are saying:
    • “Dada” – Dad
    • “Maum” – Mom
    • “Buh bye!” – You say bye bye SO clearly!  It’s shocking to hear actual words come out of you!  Whenever we put shoes on or you hear the door open/close you say bye bye.
    • “Bayou” – Balloon.  You always have spotted balloons when we’ve been out and about, but now you point at them and excitedly tell me “bayou!”
    • “Babao” – Ball.  Obsessed with balls.  Anything that is spherical and resembles a ball actually.  We have to be careful when you want to lift grandma’s big glass decor ball because you want to play with it!
    • “Peas” or “Plea” – Please.  You haven’t yet put the two together.  Right when you turned one years old, we taught you to sign “more” when you wanted food, because at the time, you just hollered LOUDLY when you wanted food.  This was a much quieter alternative.  Now, you hardly ever sign – you just say “pea pea pea?!”  It’s quite possibly the most adorable thing ever. 
    • “Da du” – Thank you.  Every so often, we get a “da du” out of you, following your “pea” for food. 🙂
  • You also have got your animal noises down!  So far you’ve mastered:
    • “pppppppht” – Elephant
    • “woof!” – Puppy
    • “weoah” – Kitty
    • “raah” – Lion
    • “baa!” – Sheep
    • “moooo” – Cow
  • You are obsessed with puppies.  You always see them before I do – and you even recognize the most abstract cartoon puppies.  Whenever you see one, you either point and “woof woof woof!” or lightly grab my chin, turn my face to look at you and “woof woof woof”.  It’s SO adorable.  I’m tempted to buy you a puppy. 😉
  • When we ask you where your nose and ears are, you KNOW!  You point to them and grin at us. 
  • You love to stand at a doorway, and with your body showing, you hid your face behind the wall and then pop out and say “boo!”.  SO cute.

I’m going to try to keep these monthly updates coming, little man.  I want to remember when you did things and when you learned new things.  Mama loves you and can’t wait to see what more you’ll learn and experience this next month. 🙂


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