5 Minute Ceiling Medallion

Have you ever had one of those projects that you know won’t take you longer than 5 minutes, but for whatever reason, you still just don’t get around to it?  For like a year? … Just me? 
Well, I finally did my less than 5 minute project.  Somehow, I gathered the strength and motivation to just.get.it.done.  (Go ahead, you can pat me on the back too.)

Back at our other little house, I had Ezekiel’s room all decked out before he came along.  Since I didn’t know Him or Her at the time, I kept it gender neutral… Mostly.  I really truly thought Ezekiel was a girl (SORRY MONKEY!), so I secretly decorated a little more feminine than if I really was keeping it gender neutral.  So I put a chandelier above the crib.  And a faux medallion above the chandelier.

Once HE came along in January, and we moved to this house in April, we (I) never put the chandelier back up over his crib.  To date, it’s still hanging out in the laundry room, waiting for me to decide where else it might look nice…

However, this little chandelier is not the only one to grace us with its presence.  If you remember, we also have a pretty little chandelier hanging over Skyler and my bed:

Since we moved in, I thought that I should hang the medallion above our bed to decorate it a little bit more, especially since it wasn’t going over Ezekiel’s crib.  Sadly, the medallion just lay underneath our dresser for the entire last year, until last week when I thought to myself, “what am I waiting for?!  This won’t take long!”

It’s a minor change, but I love the small detail that it brings to the room:

I found this old medallion at a vintage goods shop called Aunt Bee’s here in town for $2 a LONG while ago.  It’s really a wallpaper medallion, but I have just never peeled the backing off.  I use the 3M sticky things to attach it to the ceiling so that it can be removed easily.  
I love when quick and easy projects get done and make you feel so much better!  Hopefully this will motivate me to get a few more quick and easy things done! πŸ˜‰

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