A Little Change…

Notice anything new?
(Look up ^^^^^)
No more blogspot.
Cuz I’m all official and stuffs. 
Took me forever and like 6 hours to get it redirected correctly.
Sorry if any of you had any weird experiences while visiting my blog earlier.
The final time I “refreshed” my page before it worked, I crossed my fingers and told myself, “this is going to work this time!”.
I think I got lucky.  Cuz it worked.  And I don’t know what the heck I did.
I’m just glad it works.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t automatically redirect my old links to my new ones.
So from Pinterest they all get a message asking if they wish to be re-directed.
As well as if you click on any links embedded within old posts.
Sorry, I know it’s kind of annoying.
But I don’t know how to fix it.
(Unless one of you is a computer whizz and can help a girl out.)

Had to share my excitement of my officialness (finally.).
It only took 3 years of blogging.
No big deal.

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