What I Want for Mother’s Day

I know Mother’s Day is all about spending time with and enjoying those that made you a Mother.
I agree that’s important and I whole-heartedly love and appreciate my husband and son.
But you know what I want?
It’s pretty simple.

     1.  I would like to forget about my ever growing laundry pile.  Better yet, it *magically* get done without me.

     2.  I want to have my clothes free of slobber, boogers and pee for the entire day.


         3.  I want need to go to Old Navy to pick out a few new shirts to replace all my breast-milk stained ones.

           4.  15 minutes to paint my toenails.  Uninterrupted.

           5.  I want to go to Michael’s Craft Store guilt free and then spend a couple hours creating something.  Also uninterrupted.

           6.  A nap.  At any point in the day that I choose.  And I don’t want to have to wear earplugs for it to be quiet.

           7.  I would love (and I mean LOVE) to poop without an audience.

           8.  I want Skyler to put Zeek to bed.

          That’s all I want.  Not too much, right?

          That said, let me reiterate that I love my family.  Very much so.  Being a mom is the best ever.  I seriously love it and would never trade it for infertility.  But sometimes, a mom just wants a break, ya know?! 😉  Even more than a fun day spent together.  SOME times, I just want to have a poop-duty free day.

          What do YOU want for Mother’s Day?


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