Sneak Peek: String Art

Been working on another little project this week for the little man’s room.
Finished today. πŸ™‚
Here’s a little sneak peek at it:
One more thing to go up on Zeek’s wall!  I’m going to hang this above his closet. 
My mother noted tonight that Zeek’s room is quite colorful.
Yes, indeed it is. 
THE most colorful place in our house.
If you remember my troubles (which I actually talked about in my first string art post!), I had the hardest time decorating Zeek’s room… for like the entire first year that we lived here.  When Skyler put his foot down on repainting the room (darn), I decided I was just going to have to make it work.  
So “colorful” is his theme.  That and rustic/industrial. πŸ™‚
That kind of encompasses anything that might go in there, right?!
Have a great weekend, friends.
Zeek and I are spending the day at my parent’s “farm” again, as Skyler is in another 12 hour clinical at the hospital.  I’m really hoping to get the project I started last week done, or mostly done.
I shared a picture of it on my Instagram last Saturday.
If you want to follow along, you can find me at kayladanelle.

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