DIY String Art {Again}

Finally got my other string art project hung up that I gave you a sneak peek of last week!
I was sitting here this morning thinking, man I really want to get that thing hung up!
I knew it was on Skyler’s “to do” list, but definitely wasn’t priority since he has been studying for the last 2 days for his nursing test today.
I figured, I’ve used a power drill before…I can hang it!
So I got my ladder, some screws, the drill, a pencil, level, and measuring tape out…
And then I realized I didn’t know how to change the type of drill bit Skyler had on the drill to make it fit the drill bit I needed…
So I ran out to the garage to check the other two drills (yep, we have three drills total.  Skyler’s serious business!), but they all had the same time of bit on them. 
I messed with it for about 20 minutes.
It was right around the time I was google searching, “how to change a ryobi drill bit” when my knight in shining armor walked through the door, home from his test!
“Glory hallelujah!  Will you change my drill bit?!”
He looked at me.
“I’ll just hang it…” 🙂
Fine by me!
Showing Zeek the magic of the drill!

Helping daddy out.
We drilled holes in the board, just one on each end.

Then used deep nails to hang it on the wall.


I essentially did the same as my other string art project, but without a template…which might have been smart, but I think it turned out ok anyway. 🙂
I penciled in the letter nail holes around the edges and then nailed them all in.
Then I just tied off yarn around one corner of each letter and wrapped my letters about 6 times each.
Once I was done stringing the letters, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out “of”.

I traced around it in pencil and then colored it in with a thin sharpie.

I love all the colors and textures that are ending up in Zeek’s room. 🙂 
And after a while, if I tire of this I can always remove the nails, flip the board over and paint something else on the back of it.
Always gotta have options. 😉

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