Grandkid’s Birthday Board

What?! A craft post?! Finally?! 
Yeah, don’t get too excited.
This post is three weeks overdue.
I’m still battling a cold over here.
But I’m not going to talk about that today. (Don’t worry, I won’t talk about it tomorrow either.)
This is the story of how we shared with our parents that we are waiting on #2!
With Ezekiel, we found out we were expecting a couple weeks before Father’s day. 
I thought the best way to share with our parents was to make little scrapbooks for each of our dad’s.
We took pictures from when we were younger and would include a picture and blurb about what we remember and are thankful for our father’s for, on each page.
At the end of the book, we told them that we loved them.
And then, we told them that the baby loved them, and included a due date and pregnancy test picture.
My mom still has her book out in her living room. šŸ™‚
It was fun to do a little scrapbooking (since I rarely do anymore) and it was a fun way to share with the family our exciting news.
With this baby, we found out just a week before Mother’s Day.
Naturally, I wanted to do something for our mother’s to announce the news!  Only seemed fair. šŸ˜‰
My MIL had mentioned a while ago about seeing letters spelled out to say “Grandkids” and liked the idea of putting something like that in the spare (grandbaby) bedroom, where she has a wall of pictures of Ezekiel and his cousin Lincoln.
Before I knew I was pregnant, I planned to make a sign for her with a board, some vinyl and my Silhouette machine.  Once I found out I was pregnant, I decided to add a little additional to it – as our way of announcing, and also decided my mother needed one too!
I bought boards (about 6″x30″) from Lowe’s and 4 little plaques for each board from Michael’s.  I found the hardware I needed from Ace Hardware (S hooks, eye hooks, saw tooth hangers).  
I spray painted the boards and plaques black and bought a white vinyl to put against the black.
After each board was dry, I sanded the edges to clean it up a little bit and give it more of a polished look.  In hindsight (and with a little more time than a week to whip these up!), I would’ve sanded each board first (before painting) as well.  I found a font that I liked and cut out “Grandkids” and each grandchild’s name and birthday on my Silhouette.
I added the eye hooks to the boards and plaques, the saw tooth hangers to the back of the boards, and they were done!
Drilling holes for the eye hooks.

Eye hooks connected by S hook.
 Saw tooth hooks on the back!
Of course, I didn’t hang these in my house, so they are just laying on my floor how they would hang. šŸ™‚  Also, these were taken with my iPhone because I couldn’t find the charger for my dead Nikon!  
I really like how they turned out!  I want to make one for ourselves now, except “Family” (obviously we don’t have grandkids!) šŸ™‚
I added three hooks on the main board to represent me, my brother and my sister.  This is how it would look if all three of us siblings had kids.  Since both my brother and Skyler’s brother do not yet have kids, the middle hook on both boards are empty for now.
My kids and my sister’s kids. šŸ™‚  Empty hook for my bro.

Skyler’s kids and his sister’s kids – again empty hook for his brother’s future kids!

 I added the due date to the plaque of our future baby – because this is just vinyl, I can always easily scrape off the date and put the actual birth date and name on, later down the road. šŸ™‚  (Same with Skyler’s sister’s son Sawyer – not yet born!)
Anyway, I’m really bummed that I couldn’t find my camera charger because these iPhone pics just aren’t doin’ it for me!  I’ll try to take pictures after these are hanging up in the grandparents’ homes. šŸ™‚
After I make one for myself and can take “proper” pictures, I’m going to add these to the shop!
 And that’s it for crafts with Kayla for now! šŸ˜‰

This girl is pooped and going to bed.
(But good morning to YOU!)

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