16 Months

Zeeky Baby – you are 16 months old as of Sunday the 27th!!

I told you I wanted to get better at writing down your milestones and new words, etc. like I used to be good at when you were an infant.  A few days late…not terrible, right?! πŸ™‚

You are growing by leaps and bounds each month.  It’s incredible to see.

Munchin on sweet potato fries!

16 Months
  • You started full on running this month.  When we’re at a park or somewhere, I’ll say “run run run!” and you look up at me, giggle and start going!
  • You no longer like peas.  That was short lived.
  • You are absolutely obsessed with sweet potatoes (yams).  Mashed, fries and chips.  You don’t care how.  You just want ’em.
  • I forgot to say last time, but for a few months now you have been saying, “baby”, “uh oh” and “bye bye”.  
  • New words this month:
    • “Wawoah?” – “Hello?”  You always pick up mine or daddy’s phones, put them to your ear and ask “wawoah?”  So adorable.
    • “Wader” – Water
    • “Ba” – Bath
    • “Dandaou” – Shoe…but I think you got stuck on me saying “sandal” and that’s just want you call all shoes now.
    •  “Chi” – Chip
    • “Mama” – you used to kind of say mama a LONG time ago, like maybe around 10 months.  And then you just stopped.  It was all about dada.  Now you say mama a LOT!
  • New animal noises:
    • “Ah ah!” – Monkey
  •  You put together your first little phrase, all on your own!  When we’re leaving our house or anywhere really, or getting your shoes on, you say “bye bye Zeeky!” Except Zeeky sounds more like “Zeechy”… not a “cha” sound but more of a “he” sound.  I was so proud of you when you first started that!  Now when we’re getting ready to leave, we say, “bye bye Zeeky” to you and you run over to us and sit down to get your shoes on.
  • Otherwise, you are just chatting up a storm ALL THE TIME.  You are nonstop.  Reminds me of your grandpa Ron, who always got in trouble in grade school for constantly talking. 
  •  You really enjoy baths in the sink.  We do this about every night, and I unload the dishwasher and clean up while you splash around.  You ALWAYS have to have a rubber spatula in the sink with you.  It’s your toy of choice.
  • You learned how to knock on the front door and call for me, when you want to come in from playing outside with dad!
  • You’ve been really becoming daddy’s little best friend lately.  Especially with my pregnancy and headcold, you have been spending LOTS of time with daddy and you LOVE it.  You are having so much fun just hanging around with dada.  It’s so cute to watch you just be a boy outside playing with dad. πŸ™‚

Little man, you are growing up so fast.  More and more people have been telling me, “he’s such a little boy now!”.  You are almost out of baby-dom.  Maybe you’ll finally get to complete boy-hood when you get some teeth!!!  Gah.  I just hope you get a few before your brother or sister is born! πŸ˜‰

I love you, Zeek!  I can’t imagine living any of my days without you and the total joy that you are.


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