The day that was worse than yours.

Because it was.
I promise.
I woke up at 7:30 to the sound of the the garbage man on the cul-de-sac just before our street.
I shot out of bed in a flash, immediately thinking that Skyler probably forgot to wheel out the trash and recycling bins (both of which were filled to the brim) because he had been so occupied with studying for his test.  Of course this woke up the baby.  (I use the word baby loosely.)
I ran out and (thankfully) the bins were already set out. (Thanks Sky!)
But that left me with a 7:30 wake up call for me and Zeek, instead of 9:30-10:30 per usual…
“It’s okay, I was just telling myself the other day that making earlier wake up times for us might let me get some more things done in my day!  I’m going to get so much done today!”
Stupid high hopes.
We went about our morning as usual.
I made the bed, started a load of laundry, made breakfast and fed myself and Zeek.
So far so good.

10:30 rolls around and Ezekiel starts acting like he is tired.
Alright, awesome!  Maybe I’ll get two naps out of him today!
I start rocking him to sleep, already smiling with glee over how much I have already accomplished this morning and how much more I will get done for the rest of the day with, count them: TWO naps from the boy.
He falls asleep rather quickly.
I go lay him in his bed.
I click on his fan.
Wide eyes.
I thought, “no way, he’s tired, he’s laying here till he falls asleep!”
And he laid there for 2.5 hours, with me pleading him to fall asleep.
No such luck.
I give him some books.
He babbles to himself happily and I think, “ah ha! THIS is the trick!  I’ll let him read himself to sleep!”
And I make myself some lunch and start working on the two art’s that I promised in the mail by today.  
Eventually, he’s hollering for me again.
By about 1 o’clock, I’ve had it and I go to his crib, scoop him up and plop him on the living room floor to play.  “Fine.  DON’T nap.  But you have to entertain yourself, mama has to work.” 

You’ve seen this ecard from Pinterest, ya?

This also is true for when mommy has to do work.
Anyway, it dawns on me that Skyler took my car to his all day clinical at the hospital in another town.
And the picture frame that I need to mail out today is in the car…
I decide to “take a breather” before I freaked out of having to go into town to buy a new frame, back home to finish the maps, and back to town to mail the maps…all within a few hours and with a napless crabby kid. 
I go change a load of laundry.
Zeek’s cloth diapers.
Nothing like some good stinky diapers to make me feel better….right?
I am loading them into the washer when I turn around and….
Zeek has one finger in his mouth with poop on his hand, finger and chin. 
I scream with horror.
It scares him and he cries.
I scoop him up and rush him to the bathroom to get him cleaned up, but he gives me the iron lock jaw and I have to PRY my way into his mouth to wash it out.
I sent daddy a text with this picture to share the great news:
I give him a cup of milk to help wash it down and decide that working on my projects is far more relaxing.
I remember I had purchased one extra of the frame that was left in my car and it was in my office.  What luck!  I finish the maps around 3.  Perfect!  Two hours to get them to the post office!

Zeek decides he’s ready for a nap.
He falls asleep at 3:30.
No big deal.  I needed to shower and package up the projects anyway.
4:30, he wakes up just before I go to wake him myself.
After a struggle (because he clearly did not nap long enough), I manage to change his diaper and get him out of his pajamas covered in crusty food.  
(What?!  You don’t leave YOUR kid in his jammies until 4:30 pm?  Well, newsflash.  I do.)
4:45 we are heading out the door to the post office.
That’s when I realized that my purse was in my car.
In the other town with Skyler…
I rummage around and (thankfully being the terribly unorganized me!) I find another debit card in a purse I haven’t used in a few weeks.
Great!  Back out to the car!  With a grumpy, fighting toddler and 2 boxes in my arms.
THAT’S when I realized that Skyler didn’t leave me a key to his truck.
This is when I almost cried.
I walked back in the house, dumped my load (not Zeek) on the ground and sulked for a minute before I vaguely remembered Skyler saying there might be a spare key under the truck…
So, in my crisp white shorts, I scootch myself all the way underneath that truck.  
I spy a little key and grab it, feeling like I cannot yet be defeated!  AH HA!!
I scramble to get Zeek and the boxes in the truck, knowing I had 8 minutes before the post office closed.  
It was about this time that I received a text message from Skyler with this lovely photo in it:
He went turkey hunting.
With my car.
Which meant that disgusting thing would be going in the trunk of my pretty little Prius.  πŸ™
Not amused.
Then I get behind the lady who wants to go 10 mph under…
But I put up with it as patiently as I could, muttered a prayer (or plea) and pulled up at the post office at 4:59.  I RAN to the other side of the truck, unloaded and RAN into the post office… and…
all was well. πŸ™‚
I mean, kinda.
You know, other than the extremely annoying day, battling both Zeek and Skyler’s will to make me fail (just kidding… sorta) to get my art project’s in the mail, the dirt on my white shorts from crawling under a Toyota Tundra, the feeling that I couldn’t shake the smell of poop off me all day, and the fact that there was a dead turkey carcass in my trunk.
But I got my two projects out in the mail.
That’s me!
Or, I just don’t want people to get mad at me and hate me.
You know, one or the other. πŸ˜‰
So thankful for another day of life today, but also thankful that today is almost over.

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