So, I’m still sick.  It came back a little worse this weekend – stuffy/runny nose, sinus pressure and still the cough.  This makes 3.5 weeks straight that I’ve been sick.  While that’s been totally lame, life still goes on.
We’ve still lived our adventurous life. πŸ˜‰ Here’s a little update…
A couple of weeks ago, my mom was flying out of the airport at about 8 am and instead of making anyone wake up super early to drive her up there, she opted to get a nearby hotel for the night and just needed a ride to the hotel the night before.  She asked if I wanted to take her and if Zeek and I would want to just stay the night at the hotel with her for fun.
A night in a hotel?  For free?
Just ask me once.
I love staying at hotels.
So up we went.
As a “thank you” for driving her to Portland, she took us out to our favorite family restaurant.
The Rheinlander.
We are a total German family.
So, naturally we love a total German restaurant!
Zeek scarfed down his sausage and spaetzle.

My favorite part?
The accordion player.
And the fact that to be a waiter/waitress there, you have to be an awesome singer.
Zeek was totally digging it!
Then we went back to the hotel, and Grandma, Zeek and I shared a big King bed!
…Which Zeek quickly claimed as his own.
The next morning, we woke up and went down to the restaurant to share a hot continental breakfast.

Zeek loved the eggs and sausage patties.  And surprisingly, he ate the sausage very well with his lack of (any) teeth.
After we showered up and checked out of our hotel, we met my sister at the Portland Zoo.  She had free tickets for all of us and invited us to tag along!
It was a beautiful (though awfully busy) day at the Zoo.  Seemed to be several class field trips that day.  Regardless, Zeek always loves seeing animals and had a great time – especially now that he’s learning animal noises.  He loved seeing the elephants, lions, monkey and sheep in person and mimicking their sounds.
I just enjoyed the day and didn’t snap very many photos (so unlike me!).
But here are a very few:
Kaily & Zeek running around in the field during our lunch break.
Looking at the goats and sheep in the petting zoo.

The kids on the old John Deere.

 My sister and her kids!
We had a great day hanging out with Krista, Kaily & Kaiden, but we were excited to get back home to daddy!  Since it was Memorial weekend, I thought it’d be fun to pitch the tent in the back yard for some home camping (since we don’t like to actually camp during like THE busiest camping weekend with everyone else!).  And then… a thunderstorm appeared out of no where.  
I relayed my sadness on Facebook and my cousin encouraged me to just change plans a little!
So…we did!
And while the boys ran to grandma’s house really quick, I whipped this up all by myself:
Yup.  Set up the tent in our living room. πŸ™‚
What a fun surprise for the boys when they got home!
And we spent the entire weekend sleeping in the tent – 3 nights!  
We had so much fun.
I love sleeping in the tent on our air mattress. 
Cannot wait to go ‘real’ camping in a couple weekends!
Last weekend, I was finally able to take Skyler to something that I have tried to take him to for 4 years now!  Every year we seemed to have a paintball tournament fall on the same day, but this year I made sure to schedule around it!  
The Strawberry Parade and Festival!
Nothing big, but sentimental as it was something I grew up going to in my hometown of Lebanon.
This was Zeek’s first parade and he LOVED it.  He stood and held his hand out for candy, danced in the street as the marching bands went by, stared starstruck as the Strawberry Princesses went by, and looked in wonder as all the firetrucks made their way past us.

My friend Nancy playing piano for her church’s float!

Zeek sucked and sucked on this wrapped dum dum until all the sudden he looked at us with wide eyes and says, “MMMMMMmmmMM!”  He had gotten the sucker unwrapped a little.  
And that is when it got taken away. πŸ™‚
We’ve had a fun last few weeks as we’re slowly feeling summer creep upon us here in Oregon.
Skyler will be done with school as of tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT!  Summer vacation! WHOO!

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