Nephew’s Circus Birthday

This past weekend was another busy (but fun) one!  On Saturday, Skyler and I coordinated another paintball tournament for our business (West Coast Paintball Series) and spent the entire day with “Shrek & Fiona”, the owners of “The Swamp” down in Lebanon.  It was a woodsball paintball tournament, instead of our main speedball style.  I love the woodsball tournaments because they are SO much more laid back and relaxed than the speedball.  Zeek and I spent the day roaming around and watching the scenario paintball games through the net!
Then Sunday, my sister’s son had his birthday party!  Ezekiel and I stayed the night at my parent’s house the night before (where the party was going to be at), to help with decorating and food prep.
He had a circus themed party and my sister did a great job with it!
All the kids had so much fun with it!
I did face-painting…

My cousin Andrea and her sweet boy Logan.

Logan’s first face painting – a caterpillar!
And he loved it!

My neice Kaily (right) and her friend Abby.

Skyler did magic tricks for the kids.

They were pretty amazed with his magic!

Pinata time!

After all the kids had a chance and each took several really good hard whacks at it, it still was not broken or even slightly damaged!
So we gave Zeek a try! 

And he was so pleased as a peach with himself, that after a few little whacks, he dropped the bat and applauded himself!

And then, we gave the baseball player, Skyler, the bat to break open the pinata for the kids. 
It took even him about 4 really hard hits before it started breaking! 

Birthday boy blowing out his candle.

This was the gift from Skyler and I.
I had so much fun wrapping it and was very pleased with my wrapped beauty.
(I had LIMITED birthday wrapping paper, and the blue wrapping paper literally met EXACTLY with the edges of the polka dot paper on the top and bottom!  That was all I had of both rolls, and it worked out perfectly.  I had to document my success. ;)) 

Zeek even got a face painting – but it got smeared off after eating!
And then, the sack races!

Even Zeek participated!

Again, so pleased with himself. 🙂

 I loved this pic – Zeek lurching forward! 🙂

What a fun birthday party!
Can’t believe my nephew is 5 already!!

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