What to do with a night alone.

This weekend, I had my very first night alone (away from Ezekiel).
Skyler took him camping for a little father-son over-nighter!
I was (maybe a little too) excited for my first full night with no one to take care of except ME!
I was originally going to make a whole girls night out of it…
But I had a few projects in mind to tackle. 
And let’s face it – it’s way easier to get things done when you don’t have a 16 month old clinging to your legs, with “mama.  mama.  mama.” on repeat.
First, I headed to Home Depot and loaded up on some plants.
I wanted to get my front porch and deck ready to go for summer, finally!
 But before planting, first things first!
I mowed… πŸ™‚
Then I spent all the rest of daylight planting my plants and watering the garden.

(I want to spray paint those plant stands soon, and possibly even give the bench a new paint job…we’ll see.  I’m often more optimistic with my time than is reality. ;))
Perfect example: that night.  I had intended to work outside until dusk and then go inside and tackle a couple closets and give them a spring (summer?) clean!  But, I got inside and…crashed.  I laid down and couldn’t get back up.  Bed at 9:30…I always forget that I get tired so early and after such little activity anymore!
I slept peacefully for the entire night (except waking up twice because I couldn’t breath…stupid allergies.).
Then I woke up early at 7:15.  Another “new” since being pregnant.  No more 10 am sleep in’s.
Since I was up so bright and early, I decided to get a few more things done outside!
I fertilized the front and back yards…

 And watered….

 I’m so domestic.  πŸ˜‰

Then I left for the day and did some garage sale-ing!
I hit up about 10 garage sales and… didn’t find a darn thing.
I’ve spent my entire life garage sale-ing.  
My parents and I would go out often in the summer and as a kid, I LOVED it.
People used to sell good things!
Now since the economy is down, (especially in the last couple of years) I feel like everyone is having garage sales and just want to make a dime off of their junk… Hard to find the actual good treasures.
Most of it is overpriced trash.
I’m hoping this turns around soon.
I miss the good ol’ quality garage sale days.
The rest of the afternoon was spent at my family reunion and my two cousins’ graduation party.  
And THAT is how I spend a whole night/day alone. πŸ™‚
What would you do?
Projects or girl’s night?

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