‘Cause we like adventure.

So I planned one.
For Father’s Day.
I kept the plans a secret, because it’s our favorite way to torture each other.
We started with breakfast – scrambled eggs and avocado, cooked zucchini/squash, and sausages.
Then headed out around 10 am, south on I-5.
After an hour drive, we took a pit stop (aka, pregnant lady bathroom break) at Cabela’s!
The one and only in Oregon, and I had not yet been.  The one in Spokane is far better, but there were still a fair share of taxidermied animal’s to interest Zeek with while daddy gazed and dreamed in the guns and hunting section.

We got back on the freeway again.
This time for an hour and a half, before we finally made it to our exit, 140 miles away from home.
It was at this time that Ezekiel finally decided he was ready to close his eyes and take a nap….
No matter how long the drive, it always seems he doesn’t fall asleep until we are 5 minutes from our destination.
Without fail.
So, we let him sleep for 25 minutes because we are that nice. šŸ˜‰
But then we had to wake him up because there was fun to be had!!
We were at Wildlife Safari!
Bonus: we found out they were letting dad’s in for free, and children under 3 are free, so we only had to pay for me!

Flamingo’s are my favorite to watch!  They have them at my beloved little Jungle Gardens in Sarasota, FL, and they just wander around and come right up to you!
We explored the petting zoo and park for a bit…
First thing we did was get Zeek his smashed penny (but of course!).

Zeek and daddy learned to milk a cow…

We petted the goats, llamas, pony’s and “oinked” and the pigs. 

We took a train ride – Zeek’s first!

He is so fascinated by trains.  He couldn’t stop staring at it.
Then it was time to hop in the car and do the best part!  Drive through all the animals!
I will admit that I was a little disappointed that some of the really cool animals were as caged as they were – felt you could see them better at the zoo (lions, cheetahs, hippo).
BUT, the rest of the animals were really cool to look at!

This giraffe was so close to us, and we got to see it being fed!
It literally passed the road like 2 feet in front of our car!  SO cool.  We sat here and watched it for about 15 minutes.

Then we took one more little stroll around the park before we left…
 I love these little strollers!  They have the same ones at Jungle Gardens and I have some pictures of myself Zeek’s age, sitting in them!

We stopped at McMenamins for dinner!  Unfortunately, I was feeling pretty queasy and nothing sounded good…so I ordered some ginger ale and hummus/pita while Skyler scarfed his pulled pork burger and Porter beer.
Then we made our final stop for the day:
Colliding Rivers in the town of Glide.

Colliding Rivers is just as it sounds – it’s where the North Umpqua River and Little River meet head on and then flow together as one river in another direction…
It was beautiful there.  We walked around for a bit and splashed in the icy cold water.

 I love this smirk of his!
Then we headed home a little after 7 and pulled up at 9:30, just in time for bedtime. šŸ˜‰
These are mine (and Skyler’s) favorite days.
An adventure, with the fam, going to unexplored territory.
No real agenda, just taking it all in and enjoying our time together.
New ventures, even if it means driving 2.5 hrs to get there. šŸ™‚
Skyler said he had a perfect Father’s Day.  
I’m so glad, because he is an amazing father and really deserved a GREAT day. šŸ™‚

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